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OK guys more news on my band's main website www.alivenotdead.com/gongwu but I thought I'd talk more about the song here. Your Victim was a song I sat and wrote whilst being lectured by our old manager way back about a year ago. I found the key riff for the song by pure accident (as always) just widdling away bored and being told off about something or other.However the two riffs at the beginning were catchy as hell and really hit our sound on the head.The song( unlike Set Free) took me a day or so to compose and lyrics were finalised instantly.I was rambling a few words at a practice "When all is dead and gone, the world is your victim" and the theme was totally in those 10 words.the lyrics are available to read on the download page of the song on our website www.gongwuband.com but basically for people who don't like decrypting messages the song is about global warming! hahaha.It made the rest of the band wet themselves when they found out the meaning of the song. But it's classic, it's really hard to write a song that sounds funky and upbeat about something so serious. But with my cynical tongue in cheek black humour I found it amusing to stress the issue that I live very very green, and when the world goes to shit, I'll wash my hands of the blood.Erm anyway. go download and enjoy the song!I'm releasing "Back of the Line" to the Underground sometime this week.A song totally composed, written, recorded and arranged by myself. Possibly the first time I have attempted to play lead guitar on a track but I was living every minute of it..However next time I'm totally leaving it to Andrew as he poos all over my technical ability on guitar.We've also been debating me playing guitar with the band in the near future. We have so many songs with leads in and most of the songs are written with 2 guitar tracks in mind in certain sections.I dunno if I'm comfortable playing live guitar anymore as I love the freedom of just having a wireless mic. And the last time I played acoustic solo I snapped a string in front of about 700 people!! So retardedly embarrassing.I'll see how much balls I've got to try it out, Set Free will definately be the first song I play guitar on if I do because I wrote the song playing the guitar and it should be possible.But more likely than not I will totally pussy out..:)

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Well, the only way to figure out if you really can/should play guitar in front of a live audience is to do it. Pick your show with care, then damn the torpedoes and go for it. Only afterward will you know if it is something you should do in the figure. It will probably depend more on how uncomfortable you were doing it. You might surprise yourself and feel more comfortable playing guitar before a live audience, especially a song you wrote than some of your previous experiences.
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Perfect timing on the release of the song ~ after all, it IS "Earth Month" !!! End global warming & support our planet, after all it IS the ONLY home we HAVE!!!
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