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I’ll be in Honolulu next weekend, but that probably doesn’t help you. Sorry https://t.co/FaglxHWdhE

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That’s waaaay more responsibility than I want to have. I don’t even want kids! https://t.co/qb0EXyDXyK

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Having lots of political discussions w/ midterms approaching. Curious about cultural & regional differences and the… https://t.co/46qzjiSCgH

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I just said the same thing, too! Our parents must have been trained at the same school of “Shut the F Up Universit… https://t.co/74oomPGWol

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I literally just said the same thing less than hour ago! https://t.co/yqKrVGAAi1

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Never. I believe we should constantly be asking questions. https://t.co/XeUkRi22WO

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Multi-tasking https://t.co/PKMzB6CWJw

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Mork from Ork https://t.co/W15W7XiGT9

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I’m already making love... with someone else. https://t.co/GoibVPnrDk

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Watching Ancient Aliens right now. That’s what made me think about the question. https://t.co/vxPiNPRNYP

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