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It is the most inspiring speech that I've heard in a long time. | 這是長久以來我聽到最鼓舞人心的演說。

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1J54St7ZYY|


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1J54St7ZYY |


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Canvasing for Obama in Nevada | 內華達州支持奧巴馬會議

If you know anyone living in Nevada who is eligible to vote, please remind them to get out and caucus on Saturday.

Here is a little something I did for youtube regarding Obama and APIA's.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW_AXO8wCj0 |



Video: http://www.youtube.co...Read more

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Caucus for Obama in Nevada on Saturday! | 星期六在內華達州舉行支持奧巴馬會議!

If you're a supporter of Barack Obama and have any friends who reside in Nevada, please remind them to caucus for Obama on Saturday.  I'll be in Vegas canvasing for our man starting Thursday and at the Obama rally on Friday!  We need all the support we can get out there. Here's the locations of places to caucus for Obama.


Here's ...Read more

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Egypt! | 埃及!

I've always wanted to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids for as long as I can remember.  Such an awesome place rich in culture and history.  Cairo is a crazy city full of people and noise.  There are 75 million people living in the whole country and 25 million of them are crammed together in Cairo.  As you can imagine, traffic is insane.  There's not 30 seconds that goes by without hearing a car horn blasting.  And crossing the street?  One seriously has to be insane or on drugs to cross the streets of Cairo.  Cars do not bother to st...Read more

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elephants | 大象

Playing with the elephants in Botswana was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life.  They are amazing creatures with such individual personalities.  I highly recommend anyone to do this adventure at Stanley's Camp in the Okavongo Delta.

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I love Botswana! | 我愛博茨瓦納!

I love Botswana!

It wasn't my first time to Botswana, but I learned so much more about this lovely country the second time around and have come to appreciate it even further.  We were lucky enough to be around for the 44th anniversary of their independence.  We didn't get to stay for all of the fireworks but we did get to see the pride the Botswanans have in their country.  And rightfully so!  Only 44 years ago Botswana was a poor country suffering many of the same problems that exist throughout Africa, however, Bot...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Oct 1 | 博客:10月1日,星期一

Finally finished shooting "The Tournament" in Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago.  It was a very long 2 months of work plagued with accidents, it's amazing we were able to finish the film at all, much less on time.

One of the last days of shooting with Ving Raimes, I was watching CNN International when I saw a story about Ving's assistant back in Los Angeles.  Apparently, his  body was found in the front yard with bite marks from his dog.  Needless to say, Ving was devastated and needed to get back t...Read more

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My first day in Prague | 在布拉格的第一天

Got to Prague in the afternoon.  The driver who picked me up from the airport was really sweet but didn't speak English.  He eagerly took me all around the city and I couldn't explain to him that I needed to get to the apartment right away to meet Michael and Kauila who took a train in from Berlin to meet me.  We finally met up at the apartment and I found out that Michael hadn't been to sleep or even showered since the morning before.  He'd gone out clubbing all night in Berlin and got home in the morning ...Read more

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Bulgaria update | 在保加利亞 | 在保加利亚

The flight from L. A. to London was amazing.  We flew first class on Virgin Atlantic.  The seats folded down to full beds and we each had our own little cubby hole.  I got a massage on the flight.  Not a very good one mind you.  Should have opted for the much needed manicure instead.  Managed to sleep 8 of the 10 1/2 hours of flight.   

But then had a miserable 7 hour lay over at Heathrow.  I was hoping to visit a friend while in London, but due to the high security we weren't allowed to leave the airport because ...Read more

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Friday,July 06,2007(taken from the Official Kelly Hu Website) | 2007年7月6日,星期五(轉載自胡凱莉官方網站)

2007 has been a hectic year for Kelly so far. She recently completed filming the thriller "Stilleto" starring Stana Katic, Tom Berenger, Tom Sizemore, Michael Biehn, William Forsythe, Dominique Swain, D. B. Sweeney and writer Paul Sloan. Kelly plays the detective looking ot hunt down an assassin whose seemingly random killings puzzle her lover, a wealthy Greek crime boss (Tom Berenger "Training Day"), whose organization is jeopardized by his love f...Read more

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