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Day 6 in Beijing

Yesterday was China's National day celebrating 61 years since the Founding of the People's Republic of China.  There was a very calm and almost solemn event at Tiananmen Square where tons of government officials from all over China attended.  I wasn't brave enough to check it out live so I just watched the ceremony from my tiny apartment. I did brave it out of the apartment to see a couple of lawyer friends in the Russian section of Beijing.  It was the perfect day for having lunch overlooking the park.  After lunch, my friend, R...Read more

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Day 5 in Beijing

Discovered my Mecca today after class.  Roamed around the Guomao area near my class and found an amazing place called the Shin Kong Place.  All kinds of beautiful super high end shops I can't afford, but also the most amazing grocery store with tons of international, pre-made and imported foods!  I bought all kinds of stuff I needed and didn't need.  There was a food demonstration in the Japanese section where a chef was carving a fish that I swear was at least 125 lbs.  Bigger than me, but unfortunately not by much.  Keep forgetting...Read more

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Day 4 in Beijing

Found a Wal-Mart here in Beijing.  Woo Hoo.  And Guess what!  They even sell live turtles!  Unfortunately not as pets but rather to eat.  Yuck. Took my first cab ride today.  It was peak hour so cabs where super scarce.  Took me all of an hour just to get one!  I kept stopping caucasian people to ask, first, if they spoke English (all of them did) and then, asked their advice on catching a cab.  One guy told me  to go to a hotel to find one.  I asked what I should tip the doorman for getting me a cab and he said people don't tip here in ...Read more

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Day 3 in Beijing

Day 3 in Beijing started on my own catching the subway to my Mandarin class.  This time I was more conservatively dressed but I still stuck out like a sore thumb.  I think I'm just much rock-n-roll for Beijing.  Funny, I feel so tough compare to all the women here with my buckled boots and leather jacket.  In New York I feel like a wimp.  Small chance I'll be getting mugged here. Figured out something very important today.  The subway map I downloaded from the internet before leaving LA is out of date.  Of course, the subway line I&#...Read more

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Ni Hao from Beijing!

Sept 27, 2010 - First entry - Day 2 in BJhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-4G4zHEAHoJust arrived in China yesterday morning.  Got my apartment all scrubbed up and set up in one day.  Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy job.  The Chinese idea of cleanliness is something I just can't get used to.  For example, I have little dogs on my floor which I thought I would love since I miss Mushu, right?  Well, the dogs are sweet enough but the owners think it's okay...Read more

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New Trailer for "The Tournament"|"The Tournament" 新的預告片段|"The Tournament" 新的预告片段

Found this online today.  Don't know what the Russian subtitles are all about though.

I'm the lead in this film that looks like it might be coming out in October.  It's about time!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUImlJ0I2C0 Enjoy! |

這部電影在十月推出時我一定會去看. 也差不多到時間了!!!

...Read more
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Buy Mitch's songs on iTunes!!!

Mitch co-wrote this song, "No Boundaries", for the new American Idol winner, Kris Allen, which debuted at #1 on iTunes.  Yay!!!

Please help support my man and buy this song along with the Adam Lambert version (which I happen to like better anyway).  

And while you're at it, check out the song he did for a new artist named Jessie James called "Wanted" which is currently on the top 40 pop charts!  Woo Hoo!!!

Please spread the word and help him get rich!  I want a house!!!

<...Read more
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Happy Birthday, Mushu!

Thanks to everyone who kindly sent me birthday wishes over the past few weeks.  I have never had so many in my life.  I am extremely grateful for all of your kind words and thoughts.  I feel truly blessed. Today is another special day for me, too.  It was six years ago today that I officially adopted the love of my life.  No, it's not a man, it's my little dog, Mushu.  Mushu has been a source of happiness for me since I first laid eyes on her.  She has made me laugh every single day since then without fail.  I truly think she i...Read more

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I Was There!|我在現場!|我在现场!

I Was There!

The 2009 Inauguration festivities started for me on 1/17 with the DNC cocktail at the American History museum.  We were told to come early because this party, unlike all of the other Washington parties, had an open bar and decent food causing it fill up very fast.  It was true.  The food was amazing and the drinks were free.  No big deal for me since I don't drink alcohol anyway, but the venue was awesome.  We got to see Howard Dean speak at the event  and we were able to walk around parts of the museum durin...Read more

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Mele Kalikimaka|聖誕快樂|圣诞快乐

Ah, the golden days of Christmas.  

Wishing you as merry a Christmas as I remember when I was a child.

Mele Kalikimaka me ka hauoli makahiki hou.

| 阿,聖誕節的黃金日子!

祝你聖誕像我記憶裡童年時度過的聖誕一樣快樂。Mele Kalikimaka me ka hauoli makahiki hou. Read more

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