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RT @ChadRook: @KellyHu and I about to go do our #WhySoVillanous Panel. #GoodTimes @CONjureFlorida http://t.co/L3w5Z8OOtH

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Is Virgin America the new Tinder? #seattoseatchatting http://t.co/dqiMRh4qwK

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RT @phillamarr: @ashlei_bee It took @KellyHu & I, like, 9 tries before we got a shot together w/o cracking up. This Is not it: http://t.co/…

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Taking pic of pal kissing Snow White on the Disney lot & got photo bombed by @DanPovenmire https://t.co/13n3JMxCDq http://t.co/OOalQiFrgF

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Let's play Words With Friends. My username is 'Mushu'sMommy'. #GamesWithFriends http://t.co/0DAknG3d

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So you guys are the hard core @33Edge followers, huh? Won't be doing much here until the line gets launched, but you heard it here 1st!

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Visiting Tianjin

Took a day trip to the city of Tainjin on Thursday to attend the opening of a new polo club.  I'd never seen a polo match before and I was curious to see what  polo match in China would be like.  After all, the game of polo originated in China and Persia about 2000 years ago.  The grounds and club were impeccable, although the buildings were still not finished and the food that was served at the match at half time was amazing.The strange thing was that none of the people on the field were Chinese.  Everyone, including the half time enter...Read more

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My weekend visit to Taiyuan in the Shanxi Provence

Took my first trip in China outside of Beijing or Shanghai this weekend to the city of Taiyuan in the Shanxi province as a guest of the Through Beijing Film & TV Co., LTD.The first night we were treated to an amazing dinner in a private room of a beautiful traditional restaurant.  The food was not just delicious, but the presentation of the 20 or so dishes was amazing.  The company who hosted us also had a division of liquor which was served in huge quantities all night long.  As the guest of honor I was...Read more

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Back in Beijing

Been back in Beijing for a few days now.  It's taken me a while to get settled in again, but it's great to be back continuing my adventure here.  So many fun things to see and experience in this city.Last night I met up with a friend visiting from LA who's been frequenting China since the 80's.  She and a bunch of other Chinese folks took me to a North Korean restaurant for dinner.  I love Korean food, but I've never experienced North Korean cuisine before.  I was somewhat skeptical from the start since North Koreans are n...Read more

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Back in Hawaii

Back in Hawaii to shoot another episode of Hawaii 5-0.  Yay.  the crappy part is that I had to fly myself all the way back from Beijing to do it.  I had only been in Beijing for a few days when I found out that I would have to fly myself all the way back to work.  That's so typical.  In my business the saying goes, "If you want to book work, book a trip."  It's so true, but why does that always happen?Ran lines with my very patient friend, Tracy, for a couple of hours last night.  I get all the exposition on this show.  So ha...Read more

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