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I’m just gonna hang out for a while under the Gate of Eternal Youth in the Secret Garden. #ChangdeokgungPalace… https://t.co/EGCi7zrHa4

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Exciting time to be traveling to Korea. Last time I made this trip was 25 yrs ago in 1993 as Miss Hawaii USA for… https://t.co/mzdW15AA1D

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These 2 have been in my life since school days. Been through the best & worst of times with me and they keep me gro… https://t.co/VuD7Y1E5kH

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No, my family is on Oahu, not Hawaii Island where the volcano is erupting. Mahalo for asking about them.… https://t.co/z1Fc7Y6wxG

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Weeks later, I’m still trying to figure out what these roosters were doing between the streets in Thailand.… https://t.co/XLtJYhsKc2

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I was the woman in red at the Kentucky Derby in 2000. Huge thanks to Sabryn Genet for the photos. (No one had came… https://t.co/FvWmntUNhk

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May the Forth be with you. https://t.co/TOZM1EzGgs

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When you fly with #HelloKitty on #EvaAir #HelloKittyBarfBag https://t.co/nHAT6Tr0y0

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Why am I so excited about my airplane home?

HelloKittyPlane #EvaAir #ImNeverGrowingUp https://t.co/oQjCheDNKx

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Had a grand time visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok this afternoon. It was so crowded with tourists it’s a mirac… https://t.co/RfNWoKWzgF

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