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Just treated my niece to her first blow out. Mahalo @mrmnmz for the beautiful hair! #AuntyStuff #partypreps… https://t.co/4haQXgMsGK

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Thanks! I picked up the hat on my last trip to China. Not kidding. https://t.co/rAohdBMaGD

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Celebrating Independence Day with my niece in Waikiki. We had the perfect pre-fireworks dinner, musubi (rice balls… https://t.co/WWxLHqjZjZ

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Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. Sending you tons of love and light? My friend. ?? https://t.co/OVQFK4sy91

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My house was a cookie factory for the past four days. Singlehandedly made 275+ cookies for my mother’s upcoming 80… https://t.co/Yun0fVtbjP

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Asking not criticizing. Transferring at small 6 gate airport in Manila and never left the airport but had to go thr… https://t.co/shd8ZBICPi

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After wrapping “Painted Beauty” today I stopped at this Ron English statue in front of the Pop-Life building where… https://t.co/93fsmkQmAo

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Really? So a building in China that claims to be 100 stories high is really only 81? Hmm ? https://t.co/B5fHZK9afq

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That was a super fun night! Can’t wait to see it! https://t.co/XD7nzNNRxq

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So if it’s a tall building in China, do they skip all the floors in the 40’s?, too? Or just 44? https://t.co/VKJZiVt9t1

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