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Still trying. https://t.co/E1T7tm4uaX

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No, but sounds like I need to next time. https://t.co/Th5ORL1uT6

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Took my niece on a little adventure through one of my favorite murals in Kaka’ako. #makingmemories #ohana… https://t.co/w5sFch3lh4

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Just posted a video @ Kualoa Ranch & Private Nature Reserve https://t.co/y4y8I61Yym

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Happy 80th bday to Mom! Celebrated Sat bc in Chinese tradition we do it before or day of but today is the day. She… https://t.co/qmoCAbNq15

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Wisdom through murals in Kaka’ako with my niece today.

ohana #KalaakoMurals #beingAunty #Honolulu #Hawaii @ Honolu… https://t.co/tNwAtdprna

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Just had to take my little niece to one of my favorite murals in Kaka’ako today. I melt for her smile.… https://t.co/gC1rTwGTsX

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Words cannot express how proud I am of my niece, Nikki. From day one this girl has been such a blessing and so gif… https://t.co/AQ5tLjRbEh

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My mom has never looked so gorgeous in the previous 80 years of her life! She couldn’t have been happier with the… https://t.co/ZTWOzKRfFs

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Made 6 centerpieces for Mom’s party tomorrow all by myself! Figured it all out by watching videos on YouTube. You… https://t.co/ZOkQfSv33b

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