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The Scorpion King

Five thousand years ago, a ruthlessly ambitious warlord named Memnon believed he was destined to rule the scattered peoples of the desert. With an army of crude barbarians at his command, he swept across the mountains and plains, enslaving those he did not slaughter. He struck with a merciless precision that filled those who opposed him with dread because as his enemies were acutely aware, Memnon's strategies were plotted by a seer who advised him on when, where and how to attack. He never lost a battle.

Only a few tribes, never natural allies, stand between Memnon and the throne. Knowing his final strike is inevitable, they grudgingly unite against their common foe by enlisting the services of Mathayus, a man descended from generations of Akkadian assassins skilled in the deadly arts, to eliminate the sorcerer and deprive Memnon of his most dangerous asset.?

Thus, Mathayus enters a battle that demands all the cunning, courage and strength he can rouse from his powerful core. Slipping into Memnon's palace in the notorious city of Gomorrah, Mathayus discovers that the evil leader's visionary is a woman, the beautiful Cassandra. Rather than kill her, he takes Cassandra hostage, deep into the desolate Valley of the Dead.

Although he and his scrappy band of allies would be severely out-numbered, Mathayus is convinced any hope for survival will require direct confrontation with Memnon. Cassandra's visions have predicted that Mathayus would die in such a fight. But Mathayus has always lived by the simple but profound creed of his people - live free, die well. He also believes that he can create his own destiny, and with that conviction, transcends his heritage, evolving from assassin to legend to The Scorpion King.

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