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Ni Hao from Beijing!

Sept 27, 2010 - First entry - Day 2 in BJhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-4G4zHEAHoJust arrived in China yesterday morning.  Got my apartment all scrubbed up and set up in one day.  Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy job.  The Chinese idea of cleanliness is something I just can't get used to.  For example, I have little dogs on my floor which I thought I would love since I miss Mushu, right?  Well, the dogs are sweet enough but the owners think it's okay to let the dogs out everyday to do their business on the hallway floors!  I mean, WTF!?!  There's pee and poop right in the hallways.  I have to make sure I remember to look down before I step out of the apartment from now on.  Might be hard to remember with all the jet lag and morning classes.On the subway home from class today, a young woman found the need to talk to me in Chinese.  She was using a hushed tone and I couldn't understand what she was saying but she kept pointing to her chest and my chest.  I finally figured out she was letting me know that my top button of my shirt was undone.  I left it like that on purpose.  Nothing falling out or anything, just your average low cut V neck, but then I remembered a guy staring at my chest in the elevator.  On the walk home I realized that women here have very small breasts and tend to keep them well tucked away.  No wonder people here are infatuated with my enormous B-cups.  Well the beautiful weather will start going away and I'll be covering them up soon enough.  Until then, let the Chinese men enjoy.Good night from Beijing.  Many more stories and adventures to come!  Plus video if I can figure out what site to load them on so both Chinese and Americans can get access.  Any suggestions for the folks in China?tsai jian,Kelly

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should try gotrusted.com its like 6 bucks a month but you can access all american websites... thats what i use in China. So you can use that to dl or upload anything u want. and if you have a macbook it's really convenient
over 9 years ago
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Hi Kelly...glad to hear you are the "Dolly Parton"of Beijing.You know me on Twitter as Ty73 my real name is Tyrone Lee.Glad you made it safe and we want to hear about all your adventures.
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I guess the first phrase you must learn to say is "Dude!Stop looking at my chest" LOL
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ha ha... culture shock! ps - 'zai jian' in hanyu pinyin! ;-)
over 9 years ago
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Maybe someone commenting from China can mention the name of a youtube site that works there so that you could upload to something like youku?
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I guess dressing up in your old outfit from The Scorpion King is off the Halloween list... FWIW, staring seems to be the national pastime in Hong Kong too.
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Hello Kelly! Hope you are having a good time in Beijing. I have been there as well. You can try sites like tudou.com or youku.com. They are kind of like the youtube for China.
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nice, what are u studying in Beijing? I am studying in tainjin now... I agree abt the cleaniness...We had to clean up our appartment when we first rented it...really, not the most pleasant task ever. Doing any events around here? =)
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youku.com is a good youtube clone, but you need to be able to read chinese to make an account...
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"let the Chinese men enjoy" lol, now that you gave the greenlight to all men in Beijing, next time in elevator better pack some mace. or just the good ole kicking in the groin will do. love all your work, have fun in Beijing!
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