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Day 4 in Beijing

Found a Wal-Mart here in Beijing.  Woo Hoo.  And Guess what!  They even sell live turtles!  Unfortunately not as pets but rather to eat.  Yuck. Took my first cab ride today.  It was peak hour so cabs where super scarce.  Took me all of an hour just to get one!  I kept stopping caucasian people to ask, first, if they spoke English (all of them did) and then, asked their advice on catching a cab.  One guy told me  to go to a hotel to find one.  I asked what I should tip the doorman for getting me a cab and he said people don't tip here in China.  I love that!  The idea of tipping drives me crazy sometimes.  I love a society where you don't have to think about that.  Of course, I did end up tipping the door-person when she got me a cab anyway.  Just didn't feel right to leave without doing it.

Met up with my long time friend for dinner.  I have him to thank for my crazy cab experience.  He refused to meet me at the subway station because he never takes a subway in Beijing.  Snob.  I'm determined to change that in the 3 months I'm here.  He's been living here in Beijing for about a year now and he introduced me to a really cool area of Beijing called Sanlitun.  I was so close to it last night when I stumbled upon that local market and bought my brown rice, but I must have been walking in the wrong direction.  It's a real gem of an area with all kinds of western shops and even a Starbucks.  Can't stand Starbucks  actually.  I'm surprised that it can even be in business here.  They must sell more tea than coffee in China.Tomorrow is my last class of the week as the Chinese Independence holiday begins on Friday and most work and schools close for a whole week.  I'll have to try to figure out what to do while I'm not in class.  I'll probably go back to Sanlitun to grab a tea at Starbucks.

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ha ha, there are tons of Starbucks in China... they seem to do well! the difference between a pet and a meal is a very narrow gap in China! :-P
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Are you just there to study Kelly? What prompted that? I understand the relief in finding something familiar but if you have a four-month opportunity to learn the language then why not take the same opportunity to have as many non-Western inspired experiences as you can safely have? I spent two summers in Rome studying. The first I lived in the student apartments. Great experience and not out of my comfort zone. Second summer though I lived in an outlying neighborhood where I did my shopping and hanging out and it was a much richer experience. My Italian definitely improved there....because it had to. Have fun.
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welcome to Beijing i have worked there twice, i love the city :)
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ya, getting a cab in beijing or shanghai can be a real pain. a lot of people can't wait for their turn so they keep walking up the street in front of you. =(
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I'd usually be with you on the "snob part" when it comes to the train. But having lived in HK before and now living in Beijing you notice the difference. I unfortunately don't have the luxury of taking a taxi all the time so am stuck with the train alot of the time, and until the basic hygiene and manners of the average train rider improves, I won't be a fan of riding the train anytime soon... although I will say the cost compared to HK and Singapore is dirt cheap.
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and having a Wal Mart here in Beijing is pretty damn cool
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Do they eat the shells?Or use it as a bowl?Ripping the shell off a turtle is like raping it thats not right IMO.
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I think many people in Beijing prefer not to take public transportation and instead, drive their own vehicles - I guess it's to show off. I have a friend there who is like that. The traffic is quite bad in Beijing though and the air pollution is correspondingly bad (although they do have their sunny days).
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The next time when you are catching a cab, I hope that you will be doing it in front of a decent hotel. Cuz, if you are not, these conservative people might think you are solicitating, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN??! When I was staying in a 5-star hotel in the Philippines, these Filipino businessmen kept talking to me, and when I asked my friend what they were asking me.... my friend said "They were asking me how much I charge ??? "Jk !! I thought I dressed quite conservatively too. (he!he!)
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The trip tio Beijing must have been fun for you. I wish that I could visit a place like that.
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