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Day 3 in Beijing

Day 3 in Beijing started on my own catching the subway to my Mandarin class.  This time I was more conservatively dressed but I still stuck out like a sore thumb.  I think I'm just much rock-n-roll for Beijing.  Funny, I feel so tough compare to all the women here with my buckled boots and leather jacket.  In New York I feel like a wimp.  Small chance I'll be getting mugged here. Figured out something very important today.  The subway map I downloaded from the internet before leaving LA is out of date.  Of course, the subway line I'm on has been completely revamped.  Thank goodness I remembered my guide, Mable, telling me in passing on day 1 that the subway station looks so new because it's only about a year old.  Unfortunately there are no new maps available at the subways station, so I spent the time on the subway jotting down all the differences, looking like a complete foreigner, once again.  After all of that, I realized I had my camera with me and I could simply take a photo, duh.Ventured back out again after class to the area closer to Chaoyang park where I figured more of the action is (not that Beijing is lacking in action anywhere) but I thought I might be able to find more of a walking area with shops and stuff.  I got off at a stop close to the park and just wondered around.  I happened to stumble upon a local market where I was able to find brown rice, something I was unsuccessful in finding at the large supermarket downstairs.   It was pretty intimidating trying to buy the rice without being able to speak the language yet, but the guy who was working there was super helpful and I managed to buy what I think is a kilo of my cherished brown rice.   Feeling pretty accomplished after that little task, but not enough to brave the banana cart on the corner near my stop.  I really wanted to buy a couple of bananas but I was still too intimidated by my lack of Mandarin to try.  Maybe next week.

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Kelly, did you bring an English<--->Chinese dictionary? You can translate some phrases and words on either http://babelfish.yahoo.com or http://translate.google.com Just remember that mainland Chinese uses the simplified Chinese characters. rice = 米 "mǐ" banana = 香蕉 "Xiāngjiāo" It'll be a bit frustrating at first, if you're not used to speaking the language, but after a while, it'll become easier and you'll learn some key words. Let us know if there are specific words or phrases you want to learn. Do you know any local people there? I have a couple of Chinese friends who work in Beijing who speak English very well. I also have a tour guide friend in Beijing, although she is often giving tours, I can get her contact information to you. Hope this helps.
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ha ha... this is why they say immersion is the best way to learn... just imagine all the things you are going to force yourself to figure out! ;-)
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OMG, this looks like your typical Ranch 99 Supermarket ?! (he!he!) But, seriously, why are you living like a Pauper? and what are you doing with a kilo of C*&!K.. oops! I mean 2.2 lbs of Rice ?? Do you know how to cook without a rice cooker ??? I guess you are just having a blast disecting the human race !!
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Oh, and try picking up a comic book or two... That is pretty much how I managed to learn reading Chinese. Chinese schools in Toronto definitely hasn't done the trick for me. This is speaking from a "juk sing jai" (cantonese slang typically used to describe oversea-born Chinese) point of view. Those "bo, po, mo, fo" thingys are also a great help on pronunciations.
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ya, things change really really fast in china. you come back to a place after half a year and there are a bunch of new buildings up....
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