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Ok, I can't be poetic, I do not have that flair.  It's been a while since I've come in here, feels like I've missed out a year. Alive Not Dead still hadn't change much, yer? Still Alive with all that media buzzzzzzzzzz. I think I've grown. Not exactly wiser, but a hell load happier. It's december, baby! My favourite month. It's pouring outside, gentle breezes just whisking through the openings of the wind...Read more

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A small and extremely cute little kitty stood in the lift one day.

It alighted with my family.

My aunt scooped it up from the floor and now its running around right in front of me as I'm typing.

Its a small bundle of joy, ball of endless energy.

I should say it has contacted ADHD or some other hyperactive disorder because it simply doesn't stop running about.


Trouble is,

Somebody's not so enthusiastic about it.

Somebody spent a whole night watch...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Aug 11

I only had time for a really quick one so here goes.Olympics are AWESOME!!!So much to say, so little time.

Meanwhile, great Olympic pictures here (I just had to collect them all for sweet memory keepsake):http://timesonline.typepad.com/olympictures/http://en.beijing2008.cn/photo/http://www.nytimes...Read more

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Many late discoveries (MLD)BOOKS

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Says who? Cover art is the first thing to attract readers. Unless you’re going for novels and have a book in mind to buy/borrow. My case was always:”ooh, nice cover! I like. I take.” I made a late nice little discovery: Williamson K.T., 2006, A year in Japan, New York: Princeton Architectural ...Read more

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oh!ympic (fish again)

    I don’t want to add coverage aboutMichael Phelps…he’s afish, yeah, but his achievements could be found here in full details. I’m just gonna talk about his Beijing 2008. It...Read more

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i can't believe they're actually here!!!


& the whole of US OLYMPIC SWIM TEAM is here! In SINGAPORE!!!

They are training till the Olympic starts and  I heard they're gonna stay here for the whole Olympic season, only flying to Beijing for competition days and back. Ronaldinho & the whole of BRAZIL OLYMPIC FOOTBALL TEAM are here too!!!

I think its kinda cute, in a way,...Read more

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Whoah...I'm not even aware of the time now...2:19am

I was soooo happy that dance ended early today and intend to sleep for once...BUT!!! I just HAD to switch on the computer. [sigh] I sat here at 10pm. I'm still here now. Everyone (okay, only my sister is home now) bathed, got entertained (tv), read the newspapers, ate FRUIT and went to bed. I'm kinda fascinated. I consider myself hitting gold.

There was once a time not so long ago when you could only guess and de-code the characters of the people you see in school...Read more

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~Night Festival~

25th July (Friday)

I went to the NIGHT FESTIVAL alone today after school and after dance. It was a last-minute thing (I didn’t sleep last night rushing for a project; saw an advertisement about the event and contacted all my friends! Of course, it was too little, too late.) Stayed for about an hour or so and went back home. I didn’t expect so many people to turn up at the event! But Mediacorp publicized it and the flyers were everywhere, not to mention the venue was within Town itself so the crowd is already guaranteed.

I ju...Read more

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hang on...

A cool event happened on Fri 25th July and Sat 26th July! I got my hands full with homework right now but details will be posted...soon! haha!


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