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Time is Fiction

The new Edison Glass album came out today!


I know. There are SO many bands out there–why should I spend my time listening to another?

Well I feel the same way. I get exhausted hearing about new bands too but this one makes my life a little more bearable. I hope it’ll effect you the same way:

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Did you Rock the Vote today?

I did, but I didn’t cast a vote for any of the presidential candidates. Honestly, it’s been hard keeping up with all the politics going on in this year’s madness with all the different candidates. Most people I know are pro-Obama, but I’m not quite sold.

Regardless, this is kind of a cool video put together by Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas in support of Barack Obama’s campaign:


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Fake Boobs and what else?

The reality of Reality TV is that most of it’s fake.

Yah, this is going to sound hater-ish, but take “ A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.” Who is Tila Tequila? How did she get so famous? No doubt she has had the most friends on Myspace and had the #1 downloaded music video on iTunes the day it released (of course, all she does in the video is dance around in underwear), but why is she MTV’s biggest thing right now? Is it because she was re...Read more

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Homecoming: half travelogue, half LiveJournal entry

Despite the animosity we have held for each other it seems like this French band has some American love.

Click for myspace!

I found these guys off Buz...Read more

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Frozen Grand Central

Came across this on Youtube - A group of artists mobilize hundreds of volunteers to put together a live piece of art as a collective effort. Pretty amazing!


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I’m back! It’s been a long two months. Yeah I missed you too. Well I know this website is mainly about music but I love video games as well.

It seems like Capcom isn’t really pushing their fourth Ace Attorney game for the DS so I figured I should help out my favorite series. If you’re not familiar, imagine a game about attorneys made by the makers of Street Fighter. Pure awesome. Though I can never imagine using my law degree to be a defense attorney, I like to live vicariously through Phoenix Wright.

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Lennon… Sean Lennon.

Walking in the shadow of a giant is never fun.

But you really have no choice when you’re the son of the great John Lennon.

Dropping out of school to pursue music,

Sean Lennon received much criticism from the start.

He has a decent voice, but great lyrics.

And his songs, they are just quite and beautiful.

Dead Meat


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Ever so sweet Butterscotch

Two guys in a card-bored box here… livin in a box, keepin our ears to the streets. This is our pick of the week.

So what would happen if Alicia keys and Rahzel got freaky? The spawn would be ever so sweet Butterscotch . She was the beat-boxer slash singer featured on America’s Got Talent. She hails from Davis, California, now we know not much good comes out from that part of CA, well besides cow pies…but we digress.

She was raised playing classical piano, and was able to infuse her influence of ja...Read more

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Ok I admit I’m not a fan of Classical music. I’ve tried to get into it, but something about it doesn’t inspire me… but tonight I went on youtube looking for clips of Family Guy. Family Guy lead me to a clip of someone comparing an episode to it’s reference from the 1984 movie Amadeus. That of course lead me to viewing more clips of Amadeus on youtube.

I saw the movie once when I was a kid… maybe 4th grade? I dunno, but at the time I was much more into Star Wars. Seeing these clips of Amadeus now however are amazing. The acting is incred...Read more

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I rarely talk about Korean music these days, but I ran across some old stuff…

Check out exhibit A:


That song was “Pil Seung” by Seo Taiji - the song came out in ‘95… way ahead of it’s time - on so many levels. It’s hard to talk about Seo Taiji without getting into a 4 hour discussion these days but since the online community has notified me that it’s been 15 years since Taiji, I figured I could squeeze in some ...Read more

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