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Good Morning!

I wake up every morning and browse thru my list of blogs & videos.

To my surprise, I didn’t come across this video until I read Prohgress’ entry at FMonYourDial.com

Takashi Murakami x Kanye West (Good Morning MV @ MOCA Exhibition)


You will recognize Murakami art on Kanye’s Graduation album.

For those...Read more

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ATTN: Calling All Sneaker Heads

Evil Monito Shoes

From our friends at Evil Monito.


Calling all LA sneaker heads

If you’ve ever felt like you know what changes should be made to a sneaker at a major brand, then this is your chance to give your input and get paid! We are looking to put together a focus group in Los Angeles consi...Read more

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Cupid’s Poison


Checked out the last hour of my friend’s art show this past weekend at the Buckwild Gallery (normally a skate/clothing shop) on Venice Blvd. The anti-Valentine’s theme was pretty clear from most of the art on display.


Karin Anna (aka: The Facebook Poking Queen) doing some live art

The show featured a variety of styles from abstract to commercial, to graff.

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I’m outting that Closet Polar Bear…

So I have this co-worker who my other co-workers and I think is secretly a ninja assassin. Well…she’s not. But! She’s actually a drummer in this really cool ska band called Half Past Two.


I happened to catch an acoustic set of theirs (something very rare for them and perhaps not as high-energy) at 2nd Street Jazz in Little Tokyo not too long ago. I had actually heard their EP before seeing them live and already knew that t...Read more

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Jackson 08′

Thriller 25

Although Michael Jackson didn’t make it to the Grammys, the King of Pop has big plans for 2008.

Celebrating 25th anniversary edition of King’s top-selling album,

Thriller 25 (featuring Kanye West, Akon, Fergie and will.i.am) will release tomorrow.

Thriller 25


courtesy of Read more

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Nine in the Afternoon

Nine in the Afternoon

Panic At The Disco’s new video ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ is up now!

courtesy of MTV Buzzworthy

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RAD is rad.


Last night RAD held a fabulous event of art, music, and clothes over at Diamond Bar’s “It’s a Grind” coffeehouse. And we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at RAD’s new designs for their second line.

RAD , or “Random Artistic Design” Clothing, may be a newcomer to the industry (the company was launched about five months ago), but they are making a name for themselves. A favorite amongst local fans, this innovative team of creators h...Read more

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Smells Like… You’re Getting Old

I teach teenagers how to do figure drawings twice a week - this takes place in LA, La Crescenta, Fullerton, and Cerritos. Pretty much covers LA right? Well we end up talking about music every now and then and it still amazes me the reactions I get from the kids. I’m 27 but apparently that’s ancient to some - when one of my students found that I like the Arctic Monkeys, he was like, “Woah! I didn’t know people your age liked music like that!” (so what do people my age like? “I don’t know, 2Pac?”)

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Xin nian kuai le

Here’s a New Year’s tip: As long as you aren’t married, your parents are supposed to give you money. If you are, tough luck. I expect my red envelope soon.

I’ve been hella listening to A Fine Frenzy. You know how some people get hella hype on the Internet, making you want not to listen to it and love just for the sake of being obstinate? Oh, that’s just me? Okay. Well. The fine music of Alison Sudol was that for me, until I accidentally downloaded this song and then immediately got the rest of the marvelous album One Cell In The Sea...Read more

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The Best Mash-up Since Peanut Butter and Jelly

Wut up y’all. Two Guys in a Card-Bored Box here once again coming to you from the streets with this week’s beats.

This week’s pick comes from DJ Lobsterdust . No its not a seasoning you put in your soup to get that buttery lobster flavor.

Lobsterdust currently resides in Long Island, New York where he comes up with the tightest mash-ups between different genres of music. His mash-up of The Killers’ Jenny Was a Friend of Mine and Stevie Wonder’s Superstition was recently featured...Read more

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