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BTP CD Release Show

Burning Tree Project - Time and Color

As promised, I’m delivering a video footage from BTP’s Time and Color CD release show

Burning Tree Project - Hello


courtesy of jaeyoungkim

It was an amazing show with great line-up: Big Phony, Th...Read more

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Jon Phenom says HAY FAM!

Check it out.
Jon Phenom, designer extraordinare, has kicked off ‘08 with his new webshow, HAY FAM, where he interviews his friends and colleagues from the fashion world and related industries. He interviews risk-takers and innovators who have shaped and created lifestyles for others. You’ll even spot a fellow FR*A blogger in one of the episodes!

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The Battle of the Century: Kimmel vs Damon

I’m sure half of the global citizenry has seen this by now for the sheer buzz factor, but just in case you haven’t, Jimmy Kimmel’s war with Matt Damon has escalated.

Matt JimmyFor the past year or two, Jimmy Kimmel has been concluding every show apologizing to Matt Damon for bumping him off the show, due to running out of time. Finally, when it appeared that Matt Damon would be on the show, Jimmy Kimmel introduces Matt Damon to a littany of fi...Read more

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It’s Not Rocket Science.

Having nothing better to do, I watched “Rocket Science” earlier tonight. It’s pretty much your typical coming-of-age indie flick, (nothing too original), but it has its own cute, quirky moments. The colorful film centers on Hal Hefner (played by newcomer Reece Daniel Thompson), a stuttering boy who reluctantly joins the Plainsboro High School Debate Team due to the suggestion of a pretty girl. The film cast progresses as Hal decides to enter the state finals to amend himself after much public humiliation and a broken heart. The actor...Read more

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Stella’s Notch

Last night, I was invited to check out a show at the Whiskey in Hollywood. I was able to catch a handful of bands of all different sounds. Some really good, some not so great. My favorite set for the night was Stella’s Notch. The sound was pretty amazing and I wish I had been able to capture some of it on video to share with you all! You can search on YouTube for some, but there aren’t many, cuz’ I guess they are a fairly new band, although the band members are not new to the scene. From what I hear, their lead singer, Melody, was pretty...Read more

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Kollaboration 2008

Kollaboration 2008Kollaboration 8 - Empowerment Through Entertainment

Saturday, Feb 23, 2008 at The Orpheum Theater (Downtown, LA)

The Legendary Orpheum Theater

Home to concerts of Aretha Franklin, Jamie Foxx, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Comedy Central, Def Comedy Jam, and many, many more.

Kollaboration is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and since our establishment in 2000, we have organized over twenty shows...Read more

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Rock The Vote (of a different sort)

We need more Asian Americans in the arts. Asian Americans may score highest on standardized tests, but we are the least powerful major minority group in the country. Why? Because we have almost no influence, no political or cultural power. Being really good at answering multiple choice questions does not translate well into truly complex, strategic problem solving which is what brings real power to a group. Anything that’s hip Asian these days are from ASIA not ASIAN AMERICA. Asian America has got to step up its gam...Read more

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Together we’ll mend your heart

Of all the versions of “Umbrella” (damn you Rihanna for bringing this horrifically catchy tune into our collective popular consciousness), this one’s my favorite. Ignore the shitty slideshow video.

Scott Simons - Umbrella


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They say my name Wa-L-E

This post has been months in the making. DC rapper WALE is bigggg. He’s doing huge things right now. Being Mark Ronson’s hand picked protege just solidifys his place within Hip Hop up and comers. Many people are comparing him to Kanye and Lupe when they first launched. I believe it. Although he’s defintely got his own swagger and style (much different the lupe and kanye), the hype around him is comparable.

Check out his myspace page at myspace.com/wale202. he’s got a free mixtape you can jam on (also Rhymefest has got a mixtap...Read more

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