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There WILL be blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there-will-be-blood-poster.jpgI’m a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson ever since i first saw “Magnolia.” Although I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on the man’s life (I still haven’t seen Boogie Nights), i’m still a avid viewer and an excited one at that. He tends to tackle pretty dark subject matter (porn, death, etc) and has a very distinct style to his movies. He’s like Kevin Smith with well thought out dialouge or Bahz Luhrman with kick ass imagery.

In either case, although not a real rockstar, and not quite fitting the term “Future,” PT Anderson’s new film “There will be blood” still needs to be hyped as much as possible. Set at the turn of the century when oil prospectors roamed the country, his film focuses on Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) as he goes from town to town in search of oil. Much of the movie centers on the Plainview character and the developments that he goes through.

For the sake of FR*A, MUSIC alert! Jonny Greenwood (The guitarist for Radiohead) is the composer for the film bringing eerie horror film like scores throughout the movie.

It’s only out in limited release right now, so those in the LA area should take a first crack at the movie while you have the chance. Don’t know when it’s opening up in more theaters, so if you happen to know, do us all a favor and leave a comment!

(LAST NOTE- the poster up above is very bad ass. Very)

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