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Meta List of Best Lists of 2007

Did someone say Best of 2007 list? How about a whole colon blow’s worth of lists?

Here’s 169 links of top music lists of 2007 via fimoculous

Well I can’t just post a list of lists and call myself an FR*A blogger so

Rich and Creamy’s Quick and Dirty Random 6 Notable Music Related List of 2007

AKA The list with the Longest Title and Nominations

Last Mashup of the Year to be On Heavy Rotation on My Play List:


DJ MDSB “Phantom Party and Bullshit](http://culturebully.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/DJ%20MDSB%20-%20Phantom%20Party%20and%20Bullshit%20%28Justice%20vs.%20Notorious%20B.I.G.%29.mp3) (Direct MP3 Download)


DJ Million Dollar Snake Babies Myspace

Last Music Video of the Year to Saved to My Favorites On YouTube


Never have I seen such a minimal video with such emotional impact. Simple pairing of objects and their destruction put me right in the middle of the couples break up. And the best part?
Kanye heard it cost just 2g’s to make. Bravo!

Best Song of 2007 I Wished Had Radio Play or At Least Heard Once in a Club


If only someone made a how to guide for the Boyz back up dancers line dance and released it before Soulja Boy music history would look upon 2007 in a very different way. Disclaimer: I’m so partial to MIA because I have the biggest school girl crush on her. Seriously.

Favorite Bmore Mix of 2007 Even Though it Doesn’t Include “You Can’t Wu Tang Like Me”

DJ Titsworth XM Radio Mix

Titsworth Website

Yes, you can hear Bmore downtown in San Diego’s Gaslamp District you just can’t find anyone who can dance to it. I’d love to see a Wu Tang dance battle, I’ll have to settle for internet video!


Favorite Blogosphere Meme of 2007 and Possibly the Geekiest

Music explained using charts and graphs! via Emo + Beer = Busted Career(check my older posts for more spreadsheet goodness!)

Click to enlarge!

Best Music Video of 2007 that is Actually a Commercial but Also Based on a Internet Viral Video


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