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Best of Pt. 1

Anyone started doing a Best Of 07 list yet? I’ve never been able to keep track of my listening habits for a month, let alone a full year, so you won’t be getting it from me. But my buddy Chris has put one up at his music blog, gravitas kills, and damned if I don’t agree with #15 (of 20:


“I tried to resist putting this album on my list. I just couldn’t. This album was damn near everywhere this year. I’d imagine it was licensed almost as many times as the Wilco album was and that wasn’t even the surprising part. The really surprising part is how long it took everyone else to catch on. Watch this and tell me that you didn’t see it coming. Does something seem familiar about this video and this song? IT’S A DAMN GAP AD. DO YOU REMEMBER THOSE KHAKIS YOU HAVE IN YOUR CLOSET? CAN YOU REMEMBER FINDING THEM A FEW YEARS AGO, THINKING, “WHY DID I EVER BUY THESE? I GUESS IT WAS THE 90s.” HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK THEY’RE SELLING IPODS?”

Hope y’all are having a good holiday, eating Chinese food or going to church or filing your nails. Whatever. At my house it’s actually all three.

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