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Missing Hk already!!! dammit!!

ok so this is my first blog after i left for singapore....well as usual its the rainy season here...going out and party is kinda limited...well one thing that surprised me is singapore no longer has the alcohol curfew...they got licenses already...so its kinda cool...so after work me and my band just head over to bars in boat quay or clarke quay to wind down...oh and last night we checked out the bands ...not bad not bad at all....hmm and unlike the bars we work in hk lemme tell you the live bar sound here is awesome...its like u r always playing in a concert....i like it...heheheh

ok i've got nothin else to say coz in an hour i'll be working again...i'll try to update as much as possible...till then....

"Audiotraffic i'll be back"

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enjoy your time in Singapore!
about 12 years ago
Singapore... Boom! Especially the food man! I just love it!
about 12 years ago
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stay away from Gelang! those aren't all ladies! :-P
about 12 years ago
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dude... we need to fins a way to contact you? I lost your email? did you get the songs? come back already.... and bring back some chilli crab for me
about 12 years ago


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