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Anne Frank and Charles Schultz

Last Saturday night, we went to see a stage production of "The Diary of Anne Frank." Anne and her story have always held particular meaning for me. I've always identified with this young girl who wrote her hope, her isolation. Her personality--deep thoughts and girlish desires bubbling over pell-mell--seems so much like mine. Despite her tragic death, or maybe because of it, and nudged by her father's dedication, Anne's dream was realized. Others read her writing, and were deeply moved, and are still moved...Read more

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Finally Here....My Article on Finishing the Game

It finally came out--my article on the Justin Lin indie comedy, "Finishing the Game." Follow the link below to read it on the CityBeat website: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /



Thanks again for your support (and patience). And if you have not seen this movie yet, check with your local cable or satellite...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Oct 19

My article on Finishing the Game is coming....but why the holdup? The film section editor told me that he's bombarded with movie openings right now, and since FTG is only on cable in Cincinnati, he needed to hold off. It should come out this Wed. or next Wed. (Halloween).

Check back here and I'll post a link to the CityBeat website...Read more

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Finishing the Game premiere in NYC

Jeremy and I had the best time at the opening of Finishing the Game in New York City. The best. We got to meet everybody—Justin, Sung, Roger, McCaleb, Meredith, Monique, Julie Asato the producer, Jack Song the publicist, Candy the set designer…everyone welcomed us with open arms, literally. And when I say “meet,” I don’t mean just saying “Hi”—I mean they all took the time to talk with us. And I saw them giving nineteen-year-old college students the same care and attention. Roger even recognized us from the stage during a Q&...Read more

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My Article on FTG

Hi,everyone, Jeremy and I are now in NYC and having a great time. The most incredible thing is that I drove through Chinatown at midnight and no one got killed. We're at our friend's Upper East Side apt., and soon, we'll call our son at Aunt Judy's house (who is probably running around like a nut and having a great time).

Then we're headed over to the IFC Center in the Village to see Finishing the Game! I'm writing an article on it, including review, for CityBeat, a Cincinnati newspaper. I'm also hoping I...Read more

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Why I'm Not Blogging

Friends, readers…I truly love to blog, but I can’t right now. I truly want to..I truly want to read your blogs and stay in touch better…but there aren’t enough hours in the day. A full-time job, a husband working two jobs, freelancing, preparing for the trip to NY, my birthday this weekend, caring for a toddler and nurturing a new life inside of me. There’s also some things that I would like to share, but  can’t. I remember I kind of pooh-poohed blogging when I first heard of it, and now I’m addicted. Already, I want to get back! So...Read more

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Funny moments from the weekend...

Here's a few snapshots-in-words from my weekend....

-Getting to church with my son, John, and there being no one in the nursery, and everyone else in the sanctuary. I had to use the bathroom, and it's a no-stall, handicapped deal with a lever handle. Instructions to "keep the door closed" just make John laugh. I didn't want to flash everyone at church. So I waited until another couple came in, and I asked them to watch him while I peed one of my 12 daily pees. Flash averted.

-My sister-i...Read more

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Today was the second day of my new job. Data entry, a one-month temp gig. My boss’ name is Marty, and he’s a straight shooting kind of guy. During my interview, he asked me, “Are you an intelligent person?”  


“Well, yeah,” I said, trying to sound humble and vague. (It so happens I have been gifted with intelligence, but not athletic ability and a whole host of other things.).


“Because this job is mind-numbing to an intelligent person.” I nodded to indicate I would still take it. Marty also told me about the com...Read more

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Fart Story

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47jEgG7yk9Q Come and have a laugh with me....

I went to a friend's house with my toddler son tonight, and on the way home we stopped at CVS Drugstore to get allergy medicine for my husband. Now, in Ohio, pseudoephedrine is sold behind the pharmacy counter--though it's not prescrīption, they have to control distribution because of all the meth labs.

John had a train set to play with, and I waited behi...Read more

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Jeremy, John and I were just sitting in our living room, eating McDonald's and watching the Cincinnati Bengals game on TV. An ad came on for Survivor China. I wasn't much interested--never been a Survivor fan. The announcer breathlessly called China "the most mysterious land on earth!"

I wonder if someone in China is looking at America and thinking we're the most mysterious land on earth. And I wonder if any of my Chinese-American friends get sick of people harping and poking on how "mysterious" their cultu...Read more

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