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Sea Change

Sea Change

A new blog for all mommies and daddies! Because we all deal with the same stuff when our family changes. Just follow the magic link (quick, before your two-year-old dismantles something):

Sea Change

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Roland Hyun is here!

Hi, everyone,

Our second son, Roland Hyun, made his big debut at 2:54 P.M. on Saturday, February 23, 2008.

Looks a lot like Daddy!

8 lbs. 3.8 oz.

21 inches long

Roland is German for "Adventurous" and Hyun is Jeremy's Korean birth name, meaning "smart." So, our son is "Adventurou...Read more

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Ever had to deal with a bigot at work? Ever blown the whistle on him...or her?

Here's the link:


Right in between Whistleblower, Parts 1 and 2, is a link to my Technorati profile too.

Here's to the weekend!


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The only ____ person in the room.

Have you ever been the only ____ person in the room? Some thoughts on race....

Here's the link...


Notice that the blog is now BLOG AND...I've added a RECIPE page and a NEWS page beneath the blog parent page. Maybe you could submit something....maybe some more Ghetto Donuts style recipes from Sung Kang?

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Happy Valentine's Day (say AWWWW)

Do you love Valentine's Day? Do you hate it? Either way, I have some short thoughts and photos to share....



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Speak English, Part 2

Speak English, Part 2 is now up on the site. If you liked Part 1, you will love this....


And check out my article on the history of international, transracial adoption:



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Displaced....a Mommy Blog

If you don't like Mommy Blogs, here's a link to my site and a blog about politics.


But if you want to laugh and sympathize with us, here you go:

I told people that our son hit the Terrible Twos like hitting a sw...Read more

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Speak English! Part 1

Yes, it's important to, but let's not be rude.


By the way, I will still occasionally post a more personal blog on here, but I like for people to go to the site for the political/current event blogs.

*Be sure to visit the Forum page too.



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Chinese Bodies on Display

Politics? Religion? Race? The human body--gross or cool?

Hot topic.

For this blog, you'll have to go to my site, hapasmama.com. You don't have to join--just go check it out. Weigh in if you wish. 




Currently reading :

Read more

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Holding Pattern Broke

A little plane circles the airport, waiting for its runway. Suddenly, one opens. Time to land, time to transition, ready or not. Today, this little plane got hers.

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My temp job in the office of a junior college was supposed to end in two weeks. But yesterday, I was informed that today was my last day. I was a little disappointed at first, surprised at being laid off without warning. But my husband and I have agreed—it’s for the best. I’d hoped to get a...Read more

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