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The Up Side of Freelance

People, I should be working on my freelance assignment, but I just had to tell y'all...I love what I do. Freelance writing can really be tough sometimes, but Tuesday was fun. I sent John to the sitter for the first time in more than two months. Then I visited several businesses that I'm profiling for a "best of" guide here in Cincinnati. I took Roland with me. Usually, work and kiddos don't mix well, but in this case, everyone was just taken with him. I talked to a vintage clothing store owner and a yoga studio ...Read more

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Captain Lactation, Reporting for Duty


The ligher side of breastfeeding.....read it if you dare...


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What you should know about the movie "21"

"21" looks like a great movie, right? Do you know the whole story? Here's a link, with special thanks to the fellas on Facebook for making us aware of this...


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My man got kicked out of Whole Foods Market

So a Jordanian, a Korean, and a white guy walk into a Whole Foods Market on a Friday night and get kicked out....

Actually, the reason they got kicked out has nothing to do with ethnicity, but I had you going there, didn't I? Last night was a Boys' Night Out for my hubby, and yes, I was home alone with our sons. (Yes, I will get my turn soon, sucka). They wanted to go somewhere and have a couple of drinks. They went to several bars, but could not find a place at the bar due to March Madness (the col...Read more

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Questions....personal...for fans and friends only

I very rarely do these, but Patty Keung, anything for you....


If you want to do it, copy the questions into a blog, make your own answers, and invite me over to read them!


Answer these questions that follow. Then delete one of the question you do not like and add a new question. There should be 20 questions in total. Pass it on to 11 people and list those people who will need to answer those questions. Notify them by signing on their guestbook and tell them that they have b...Read more

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What's Going On...and Getting OUT

Hey, everyone,

The website has been a little slow lately...I have not added as much new content lately due to motherhood and my writing career. But rest assured, I DO check it every day, and I'm happy to address any new stuff in the Forums, etc. Continue to let me know what's on your mind.

Some good news on the "work front"...I have a new freelance assignment for a "Best of" guide here in Cincinnati, and I'm also rewriting a screenplay. It's great to feel like I'm m...Read more

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Why I Love India Arie

Hey, sorry about the link problems. Fixed!

I LOVE this woman’s message. Whose music really speaks to you? I want to know...


Also, hapasmama now has a YouTube page. There aren’t any original videos up yet, but I have a few favorites posted. Stop by and say hi....


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I know how to pick 'em....

...meaning, the perfect day for my first outing alone with both of my children. Yesterday was cool, but sunny and dry. Today, our Real Ohio Winter came back in full force. We're talking stinging snow. I learned how to drive in rural Kentucky. You should see the road between our farm and the state highway--a slalom course. So I'm not nervous about driving in the snow. But today, it was BAD. People skidding all over the place. At least I have a stick shift, which allows for a little more control.

John is two, and ...Read more

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Finally, an opportunity to say something about the FILM WORLD on my blog. Here's the link....


Halle Berry, race, and casting....eager to know what you think.

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Short, sweet blog and site updates...

Hello, everybody,

You may not be aware, but I had experienced some "trouble" over at the site for my use of the word "HAPA." An anonymous poster had left angry messages in the FORUM. According to them, I had not done my "research" because I used "HAPA" to describe people groups other than native Hawaiians. At first, I tried to answer this person, but after talking to someone over at Kip Fulbeck's HAPA PROJECT, I decided my website would not be a forum for unpleasantness...Read more

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