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Thoughts, prayers, and rants for MYANMAR

Is anyone else outraged by the actions of Myanmar's government?

Here's a link to the blog I did on it. Or, just share your thoughts below.


I know it's hard to feel connected to people in other parts of the world. But human beings are dying needlessly with aid sitting on boats offshore. This is crazy, people.

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agree. im glad that chinese government accept japanese rescue team this time though they refused it in 1976, to save lives are highest priority, we should help each other .thanks for sharing
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If there's a helping hand being offered, why not take it? I don't understand their mentality...obviously they can't take care of their citizens internally. I just pray that some kind of common sense will hit the people "in charge" so that people can be saved. It's very heartwrenching....
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I am with both of you. I think the government is so afraid of outsiders "indoctrinating" their people with religious/political views that don't jibe with theirs. But I truly believe that the religious and secular charities are not coming in with an agenda....they only want to help. Thanks for stopping by.
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I think if you feel for humanity you can feel for any disaster in the world. I can understand a country fearing spies being planted but it's a risk anyone should take when lives are in jeopardy. I hope the government is overthrown.
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