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The website I just started

I almost titled this blog "My new website," but this site is not MY website in the sense of, "a website about me." It's a website for people who care about others, who want to see our differences celebrated and respected. It's about having the freedom to love a child or a spouse of another race. It's about variegated quilts of families, each square valued.

I never thought I would start a website, but I saw a need for this. Already, people are saying, "Thank you...this is great." But it would be even better with yourinvolvement.


Come check it out.

Thank you and God bless you in advance for your support.

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Hey, that's a great site. I'm sure members will be joining lickety-split.
about 12 years ago
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excellent work my friend gah - I have forgotten my password already I'll sleep on it and try again in the morning
about 12 years ago
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I was wondering why I haven't seem you around. It's a nice site Elena. Good work! I'll have to tell my colleague about it. Her brother's wife is Japanese and their family is currently in Japan. Their kids started school there recently and have been teased quite badly about being mixed. Arrrghh!
about 12 years ago
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Hi Elena. Just want to say that the website is brilliant. I live in an area where interacial relationships are often frowned upon, but was lucky enough to have a family who taught me to ignore such prejudice. My friend heard so many awful taunts, such as 'Half-cast', it infuriated me. Thanks for creating the website.
about 12 years ago
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Just got me a friend to sign up so "thanks" again...
about 12 years ago
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hey girl! congrats =) i left a msg under the "feedback" section of your most recent blog. not sure if that was the right way to leave a msg! teehee...
about 12 years ago


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