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Shootings Spur Thought

It seems like every day, we hear about a random, senseless act of violence. Some nut (notice that I left his name out) went on a shooting spree in CO, hitting a missionary training center and a church. Two teen girls at the church, and two young people at the mission center lost their lives. But I was really struck by what I heard next. A female security worker at the church took the gunman out, saving many more lives. (I'm wondering if she had a concealed carry permit, or if she only carried her gun on "special" occasions). The church had already gotten word of the shootings at the training center and had already stepped up their security efforts. To that female security worker, Jeanne Assam, I take off my hat. Kick ass!

Totally reminds me of Jesus' admonition to be as wise as serpents, and as gentle as doves.

Let us pray for the loved ones of the beautiful young people whose lives were cut short.

Tiffany Johnson, age 26

Philip Crouse, age 24

Stephanie Works, age 18

Rachael Works, age 16

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I'm glad you left the name out - as if killing isn't bad enough, do to be famous is incomprehensable. the other anology that comes to mind is the steel fist in a velvet glove
about 12 years ago
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yes, my heart and prayers go out to the victim's families... that church is a BIG one (over 10 000 members). i just can't imagine why someone would attack a church and missionary centre... may God somehow use this tragic incident for His purpose.
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Reality...it so bites! Here I just got done reading Allan Wu's "Make a Wish" blog and then this. This kind of news makes me so physically sick with grief for the families who had their loved ones taken way too soon. It's senseless. And it's wrong. Thank God for Jeanne Assam!
about 12 years ago
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I'm saddened when I hear stories about the loss of innocent lives.
about 12 years ago
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Random acts of senseless violence like this are just awful and unfathomable. Props to Jeanne Assam for her courage and action!
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Yeah ditto on the above (or below) comments and wish the family less grief over time....LUV the "steel fist in a velvet glove" comment! haha...Take care...Violence is NEVER the solution...just the problem...so may we find peace is Non-violent measures and come to an amicable solution...
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Aww I agree with my sweetie (Loc) :) My ex-boyfriend from a few years ago went to Littleton High School a few blocks from Columbine........ The uncle of the first victim of columbine came to speak to our school, I cried, I was very moved by this sweet little girl who died....I understand being in a place of complete agony and loneliness but I don't understand the violence action. I heard he actually shot himself before she shot him. He is a victim as well, and he victimized others. That's what's sad. The mother who brought him into the world, what guilt that must be. Reminds me of the Virginia Tech guy, if had the helped he was really begging for, his life and the lives of those he took would have had happy endings...I was afraid then of the retaliation against Asian Americans when that happened.
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