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New Year's with half a brain


Sometimes your brain just doesn't work right. People say this is common during pregnancy, as I keep telling my husband when he gets aggravated with me. Never mind that I've had this problem my whole life. How can I manage to write complex plots and organize reams of information for articles, yet I can't remember what car we're in or what side the gas tank is on? Or why do I ask my husband, "Hey, where's MY Big Mac?" when he just placed it right under my nose!?

This is probably the funniest dumb thing I've done recently. Jeremy, Amy, Della, and I were at a New Year's Eve party that was kind of dead for us....we didn't know anyone else there. So Amy says, "Let's play charades." When it was my turn, I thought to myself, I'm gonna act out Superbad.But when I stood up, Amy said, "Lemme guess--Free Willy!" owing to my HUGE pregnancy size. So, Superbad slipped right out of my mind--the whale movie was all I could act out. I tried to do "free" with a hand-bird, fluttering my fingers. Then I tried to spout, and I could not stop laughing, and that was an issue because all of a sudden, I had to pee. So I became a laughing whale with my legs crossed. They didn't take too long to guess, "Free Willy!" Then I ran to the bathroom.

Here's looking to an interesting and wonderful 2008. As many surprises as 2007 had for me, I'm up for anything.  

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That's too funny.
about 12 years ago
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Haha. I think we all have these "brain fart" moments. Happy 2008 and all good things to you Elena!
about 12 years ago
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hehe - another Space Cadet yes, I found it got worse in pregnancy and sadly never seemed to get better again yikes oh well, it makes us endearing (thats my story and I'm sticking to it). hehe, I think Ned Flanders has made the 'coinkeydink' expression international.
about 12 years ago
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I hate to break it to ya but the brain thing just gets worse. The key is accepting it and not dwelling on it. Actually, the more energy you give to the fact that you THINK you're brain dead (or forgetful), the worse it becomes because you set yourself up for failure. So, relax, believe in yourself, and know that others around you will help you to see the obvious! Happy New Year to you and your growing family! And never stray too far from a working toilet with lots of T.P.!
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