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Jeremy, John and I were just sitting in our living room, eating McDonald's and watching the Cincinnati Bengals game on TV. An ad came on for Survivor China. I wasn't much interested--never been a Survivor fan. The announcer breathlessly called China "the most mysterious land on earth!"

I wonder if someone in China is looking at America and thinking we're the most mysterious land on earth. And I wonder if any of my Chinese-American friends get sick of people harping and poking on how "mysterious" their culture is. Different from the West? Sure--in some ways. Mysterious? More than any other country? I totally understand curiosity about other cultures, but assumptions are another story. I remember reading interiews of Chinese-Americans whose acquaintances really expected a lot of strange, mysterious customs of them, based purely on their ethnic background.

How do you feel about this? Weigh in.


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well I'm not not Chinese or American or Chinese-American but I put my 2 cents in anyway. I do agree - people often make assumptions based on ethnicity and even if these assumptions come from good intentions, they can still be quite offensive. Whats the saying "good intentions pave the road to hell". Sometimes the assumptions just come from lazy ignorance. GAH So... did the Bengals win?
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I don't think China is more mysterious than, say, countries in Africa or the Middle East. At least in China, one is pretty free to travel from one part to another without harassment or fear for their lives. It is a mystery though bc many Amerikuns are ethnocentric/nationalistic and couldn't care less what's not within their own backyard. So, "mysterious" isn't invalid.
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I think Americans (well, except for a few exception) are a bit of a mystery. I mean, they did elect an incompetant person to lead their country, didn't they? How this came into effect? It's really a mystery to me.
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