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Methodists Do It Better...

...and no, I'm not talking about sex (though I admit, I do giggle every time I hear the dumb old joke about Baptists not "doing it" standing up because it might look like dancing). We went to an event that happened to be at a Methodist church, but could have been put on by many groups, and it was better. Better than the knee-jerk complaints you hear every year at the holidays.

A parking attendant waved us onto a driveway lined with kitschy milk-gallon lanterns. Kids, teens, and adults stood in the bitter cold, dressed up as Middle Eastern characters.  A ten-year-old boy wore blotchy makeup that was supposed to be a beard. My husband Jeremy read placards out loud to our two-year-old son. In bright brown block calligraphy, the placards told a simple version of the Christmas story.

Seeing something like this--where ordinary people use their creative talents to tell a wonderful, simple, spiritual story--is the best way to celebrate the holidays. This, my friends, is a much more effective statement of "what Christmas is all about" than spending more than you can afford on presents, or getting huffy with a store clerk who wishes you "Happy Holidays" instead of recognizing your holiday. Personally, I like Christmas and New Year's, and I'm sure I would like Hanukkah if I were a Jew.

If the holidays are not fun, maybe you're not doing them right.

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Holidays aren't as fun as they could be bc nobody in our families actually celebrates Xmas. You'd surmise right if you figured we weren't religious. Also, the blatant commercialism seems to water down or drown out the meaning of the holidays. I don't like to hear people stressing over "buying" someone a gift bc it's time for a gift, and then gifts given or received are sometimes pieces of garbage they'd rather re-gift or return. haha.
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Happy Holidays is quite a good term to cover everybody glad you guys had a good night =)
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Something like this is truly wonderful as it gets back to the true spirit of the holidays that's been lost due to consumerism and commercialism. I think people need to be reminded that the holidays should be about the spirit of giving and good will.
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I love experiences like yours. I hate the commercialism of the season, though. Grrr....bah humbug to the marketing people! Anyway, I wanna wish you and your family a merry and happy holiday season! =D
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Dear Elena, May the good Lord be with you and your family always. Love Nancy
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