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Funny moments from the weekend...

Here's a few snapshots-in-words from my weekend....

-Getting to church with my son, John, and there being no one in the nursery, and everyone else in the sanctuary. I had to use the bathroom, and it's a no-stall, handicapped deal with a lever handle. Instructions to "keep the door closed" just make John laugh. I didn't want to flash everyone at church. So I waited until another couple came in, and I asked them to watch him while I peed one of my 12 daily pees. Flash averted.

-My sister-in-law's fiancee Tony using the vacuum cleaner attachment as a digeridoo. John, wearing no shirt, dancing to the beat, swinging our camera case and flinging it. Wild man.

-Telling Tony and Abby the story about being told, "You look like a French whore" on the school bus in eighth grade. The girl who said it was trying to make me mad, but it was so ridiculous it just made me laugh.

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cute washroom story.. how old is your son? =)
over 12 years ago
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haha... sounds like you had a good weekend :) Hope Sunday School went well!
over 12 years ago
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lol so what does a french whore look like;p cute story with John and you so need to upload a photo of digerdoo boy and wild man doing their thing >_~
over 12 years ago
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John sounds like he's a joy to be around with.
over 12 years ago


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