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Come check this out....so cool!

If you've spent any time at all on my page here, you know that I have a website on race--hapasmama.com. I know that talking/reading about race is not everyone's thing. But I have a page called "My Story" where ordinary people can tell their stories. Since being a biographer--helping people tell their stories, and appreciating the unique contribution of each person--is my dream job, you could think of this as a first step for me. The first MyStory from a really cool person named Kia. She has many great thoughts to share on her life. Come check it out:


What's your story? Contact me if you'd like to share it on hapasmama.com

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What a wonderful story with beautiful pictures, it's lovely to be able to trace back family. Kia sounds a lovely lady.
over 11 years ago
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thanks for sharing Kia's story with us, she does sound lovely. hehe glad they get the real kimchee (I'm glad I'm getting it too, hehe)
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I got a story about my childbirth. Come read.
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