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Blog: Friday, Oct 19

My article on Finishing the Game is coming....but why the holdup? The film section editor told me that he's bombarded with movie openings right now, and since FTG is only on cable in Cincinnati, he needed to hold off. It should come out this Wed. or next Wed. (Halloween).

Check back here and I'll post a link to the CityBeat website, which will take you to the heart of my FTG thoughts. I only had 800 words, so I had to get creative.

Man alive, my head looks giant on that jumpsuit!

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Photo 16256
I've known women with bigger heads. *wink* haha. I'm waiting patiently for your review. I hope to catch FTG this Sunday in S.F.
about 12 years ago
Photo 35751
hehe I like that photo, actually I like the pair - this one and Jeremy's one. looking forward to the article hope your bearing up at work okay *hugs*
about 12 years ago


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