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Asian Boy Baby Doll

When siblings are close together, it's hard to know how they will take a new arrival. A great idea came from a mom with boys just 18 months apart....she gave the older boy a baby doll so he could get his "baby" when she was taking care of the new one. (Never mind that the kid dragged the baby doll around by the head.). John's second birthday is on Sunday, and our second son arrives at the end of February. I've been looking for a baby doll for him.

Went to the toy store, and all the baby dolls are either blond, blue-eyed white kids, or African-American. I really had my heart set on an Asian boy newborn doll. I know some people would say, "What does it matter?" But it matters to me. If you know anything about the history of race in America, this is a big deal. Black women still talk about how they felt upon receiving a pretty doll who looked like them. Where, oh where, is my Asian boy doll? Anybody know where I can get one? (If I can't find one, I think I'm more likely to buy the African-American doll.)

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yesasia.com May have sumthing...just check around...! haha...I'm shure...if you check "japanese" or asian offshore companies online you'll be able to "order" one online!
about 12 years ago
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hello, my friend, I understand exactly where you are coming from, try here http://www.storesonline.com/site/480020/page/536592 - scroll down a bit first as some of them are rag dolls, and/or here: http://www.multiculturaldolls.com/ both sites have a variety of Asian dolls good luck and Happy Birthday to John for Sunday!! I hope your Xmas went well!
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Toy stores don't have one Asian-looking doll? I think I've seen HIspanic-looking dolls and usually they're girls. Have you checked Amazon and the other online retailers? Good luck.
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Hmm... I've never seen a Asian baby doll! I hope Jaine's website was an assistance to you =) Happy New Year =)
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I wonder if there's any websites like in Canada (Vancouver and the Calgary area have large Asian populations)...good luck!
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Cabbage patch dolls come in all ethnicities... maybe try that!
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I would try online. I cant remember but do recall there was a place where you could have a doll made with a photo that you sent to them. That might be an answer. I am truly amazed. Has anyone send a baby Asian doll in the Chinatown area of a city. I will ask a friend of mine who runs a day care center in China town. Let me know what you find and I'll see what she has to say. Jeanne Hartman@ ActorsDetective
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I emailed my friend who runs a day care center and she kindly sent me this information. She said that these sites both have Asian Baby doll. www.lakeshorelearning.com www.angelsschoolsupply.com She also said that she saw some on ebay as well and to put in Asian baby doll I hope this helps you find what you are looking for. Let me know what you find and get. JeanneHartman@ActorsDetective.com
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