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Anne Frank and Charles Schultz

Last Saturday night, we went to see a stage production of "The Diary of Anne Frank." Anne and her story have always held particular meaning for me. I've always identified with this young girl who wrote her hope, her isolation. Her personality--deep thoughts and girlish desires bubbling over pell-mell--seems so much like mine. Despite her tragic death, or maybe because of it, and nudged by her father's dedication, Anne's dream was realized. Others read her writing, and were deeply moved, and are still moved today.

My grandmother grew up in Germany under Hitler's regime, and what she saw there and related to me is an important part of who I am. So the story of Anne Frank and her Secret Annex family is magnified by its proximity to my history. Matter of fact, I shed a few tears in the play's first act....the woman portraying Anne's mother looked so much like the photos of my grandma as a young woman.

Monday, we watched a PBS special on the creator of Peanuts, Charles Schultz. Again, an artist like me. Schultz was a man of tremendous faith in God and enormous creative drive. And yes, he was also blessed with a rich family life and material success, yet wasn't immune from the immense pain of life that we all wrestle with. He put the pain on paper, in simple line drawings. Charlie Brown admitted his feelings of social rejection and insecurity during a time in our history when we didn't talk about such things.

Both of these great artists faced the pain of life head-on, and put their work out there. Why? So that the rest of us would know that we are not alone.

Would that I could do the same for a movie scrīpt. Not to bring glory to myself, but to cry for those who can't find their tears.

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anne frank and peanuts/ schultz.... i like and admire both as well!
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Anne Frank didn't know her diary would ever get the exposure it has received. I've never read its entirety. That's on my reading list. There are so many varied human stories out there. I'm sure you'll be able to capture something that resonates with not a few of us.
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Reading Anne Frank's Diary was a wonderful experience in school. Do you know how many years I actually made it a point to make sure I crossed the door's threshold on my right foot and not my left foot? I was so superstitious after reading that! haha! Seeing a play? I have never seen a play version of this story but I know I'd be in tears, too. However, not for the same reasons as you, but remembering my own fears while experiencing this book in school. This book and it's darker counterpart, The Night, are difficult and heart-wrenching but the experiences of this horrific time should never be forgotten AND NEVER REPEATED!!!! There was recently an article about Charles Schultz in Newsweek Magazine...maybe you read it?
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I"m glad you enjoyed the play. The diary of Anne Frank, gee it was so long ago that I read that. I would be in tears too, but then I cry in the news. I'm glad there were connections for you to your roots. I think it is really important for us to connect, even though sometimes it is painful. I love your last sentence, so speaks a true artist!! You are so right, I think on some level most of us could identify with Charlie Brown's insecurities.
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