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24hr Fasting Challenge!!


OK, crazy as this might sound coming from me… one half of the “Foodies” crew with my partner in crime DY Sao. I am going to challenge myself to fast for 24 hours! WHAT? Did D. Miles just say what I thought he did? YES! You heard or read me right! I’m going to fast for 24 hours straight only drinking water. I witness a mentor and friend of mine Diddy do this as part of his “Let’s Go...Read more

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Chinese food and the future!


I had dinner at Hong Kong Express with my good friend and partner in crime DY Sao. We talked about the usual stuff like the status of our project “Rooks” and future projects being developed, food, movies coming out, food, music and did I mention food. (Is that my stomach rumbling or yours?)We sat there discussing the future and eating Chinese food and then it dawned on me – Read more

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25 not so random things...


1.    I1. I love chocolate chip cookies. I can eat them morning, noon and night… the Cookie-Monster has nothing on ME! I once lost a high-stakes game of poker for a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies… I’m mental – I know.


2.    I2. I use to meditate to Buddhist music and chants… and no, I’m not Buddhist! It helped me as a personal bodyguard for a promoter of Punk/Metal concerts. I get the shakes just thinking about those days.


3.    I3. I wrote my first comic book adventu...Read more

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Text heard around the World!

R&B/POP star Chris Brown allegedly hit his equally famous R&B/POP star girlfriend Rihanna with his fists and bit her during an alleged incident. Insiders told TMZ that the incident started over a text message Chris Brown got for a “Booty-Call.” I’m not one to hit a man (young boy) when he’s down but DAMN… that had to be one hell of a Booty-Call, especially if you have a hot little mama like Rihanna as your girlfriend. Oh well, you know what they say – “Young, dumb and full of _ _ _” I guess some people have to lea...Read more

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Alive Not Dead - LA Event!


I would like to thank AnD for hosting the LA event, and a special thanks to Terence, Anne, and Grace! I had a great time mingling with other AnD members and finally putting faces to names! I look forward to many AnD sponsored events in the LA/OC area! Shout out to my crazy-ass crew and our guest of honors (Melly, Miranda) for hanging with DY and I… sorry you had to see us in our natural element. The Tea House was off the hook and I can’t wait to do it again! One of the best and craziest nights so far… I’m sure...Read more

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Wishing all of my AnD family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Drunk Santa...



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Long time no hear… I apologize to my TWO loyal readers for not blogging lately but I’ve been playing the role of the MAD HATTER in a bad episode of BATMAN . I’ve been busy as a Beaver trying to get my project off the ground and it’s been CRAZY ! I’ve jumped through so many hoops and over hurdles that I feel like a contestant for the AMERICAN GLADIATORS . My current collection of hats includes, Producer, Writer, Director, Location Scout, Casting Director, and S...Read more

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Thank You OBAMA!

I haven’t had the opportunity to witness many historical events until today! I would’ve never imagined in my lifetime that our country would except let alone elect an “African-American” president. I can’t begin to put into words what this means to me on a personal level, but I am happy and excited that I witnessed history tonight. The words “YES WE CAN” will resonate with millions of people across the nation and with this “CHANGE” we as a nation are on the brink of making a better tomorrow. Man, I’m star...Read more

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Young & Adorable

I am blessed to have such talented children. My daughter got to perform with Victor from Island Pride Productions at the 2008 Cancer benefit . She got a standing ovation and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. The crowd went nuts when she performed her Tahitian hip-shaking dance. The countless trips back and forth to Hula/Uke practice is starting to pay off and know I can appreciate the long hours of hard work. I know in the back of my head I’m going to have problems with her once she hits her teens… bu...Read more

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Special #2 Challenge!

What is the “SPECIAL #2” challenge you ask? Only one of the most painful, insane, hot and spicy noodle dishes this side of the Pacific Ocean! The special #2 is served piping hot at the Orochon Ramen house in LA. I highly recommend this restaurant to those who like delicious quality ramen with a myriad of items to customize your dish. My partner in crime D.Y. and I were meeting with Aiko Tanaka and her manager Grace Su regarding an upcoming “Rooks” project. I wanted to try the infamous “SPECIAL #2” because the last time D.Y. and I went w...Read more

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