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thanks ernest to taken all these nice pics with his expensive camera! hahaha....

thx tak gor !!!

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where's the pics! i gotta see! :-D
over 10 years ago
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oh yea... looking forward to the pics... I didn't get to go see the concert... heard from a lot of people that it was an AWESOME concert!! =)
over 10 years ago
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I had a heartbeat on u So how's China?Fun?I bey u won't play h glad to se u again
over 10 years ago
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cool pics!
over 10 years ago
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great pics!
over 10 years ago
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Anthony & u are so so oooo...... cute nice pics```davy``
about 10 years ago
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你好,davy,无意中发现你的blog,很高兴认识你 我很喜欢 你与eason之间摩擦的火花,很多人说u87是eason最好的碟,我个人觉得what's going on才是! 另外 我十分喜欢 你去年给 kary 吴雨霏 做的专集 lady k 里面的几首歌曲,觉得在电子舞曲方面很棒 我想问问你 最近 有没有和 歌神 张学友 合作? 他 年初的时候 曾经说 今年要发的广东碟 将是一个新的尝试.........什么叫新的尝试,我还真猜不出来,目前也没有任何消息, 不过 现在全世界 都在玩 电音舞曲, 于是我就想起了你, 就来问一问 未来有没有和他的合作?谢谢 也不知道 你看不看得懂........ hi davy, nice 2 c u i know u work with eason a lot i so love the album lady k U done this for kary last year, it was a nice work! i really wanna ask u a question have u worked with jacky cheung together? he said he will do a new album this year and the brand new album will be a new music experiment for him and right now electronic dance music is the main music in the world so this is his next plan? i don't know ....just guess but i know you are good for this,really ! and i am super jacky cheung fan so i really wanna check that------- have u worked with jacky cheung together? thx a lot keep movin'~~~good health~~
about 10 years ago
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davy請問你會收學生嗎? sorry davy~我知我很冒昧
about 10 years ago
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Hey Davy, how's your studio going? hope all is going well!
about 10 years ago
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almost 10 years ago


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