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No Facebook,Youtube In CHINA,..why???

whats happening in china..??? how come we couldn't log-in 'facebook','youtube','yahoo','apple daily'...etc,.....

damn china !!! whats wrong!!!????

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yea... funny! wonder y izzit so????????
over 10 years ago
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Some riots in eastern China.
over 10 years ago
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youtube hasn't worked in a long time!
over 10 years ago
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Are you for reals? No Facebook? That's sad.
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
it's blocked right now..
over 10 years ago
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oh no...I don't even want to imagine lol.
over 10 years ago
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WOW! That really sucks~ I wonder why they blocking almost all the networking sites in China?
about 10 years ago


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