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Chung Dha Lam
Cinematographer / Camera Operator , Dubbing Artist , Graphic Designer
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@lokcheung @CanonUSAimaging How the heck is that gold? I would call that more champagne colour than gold. Its not g… https://t.co/42psa8IQUi

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@lokcheung @YouTube @TeamYouTube Having same issue at the moment, think youtube having a major issue at the moment… https://t.co/f2WhlEH7bx

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@TeamYouTube hey Youtube what is happening at the moment keep getting signed out of my youtube account, when I want to go sign in.

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purechablis photo with #sonya7rii

...................... Special thanks to #jincommunications @jincommhk ........… https://t.co/nhexWRlyKO

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Interesting Guess C1 could be programmed as video record button. Be cool if gimbals could use this bluetooth tech a… https://t.co/aP0BQUOh7x

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@deitymicrophone Its sold really bad as you could gotten same or even more with their mirrorless which got a smalle… https://t.co/gBw2IB7EdA

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@AntAskew Now need people to watch the video to unlock, as too many just came and only to download which killed the… https://t.co/445rDZvoHA

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@AntAskew Have high doubt people would pay for that, even through there is a paypal donate button have not gotten much from that.

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Grunge Text Premiere Pro Preset https://t.co/BU67Ar4qyM https://t.co/LI1rTfwb3R

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@Winh4x @AdobePremiere @Adobe Premiere is a professional grade software, you should purchase if you truly use it da… https://t.co/ENS2nGMOfp

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Rising Cinematographer and Graphic Designer based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. If you want more info about me look at chungdha.com or google "chungdh

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