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Fall Semester Plan

The scrīpt finally Born


I currently reading the book call Microsoft Power Point,

it is good for me to tittle & get into it for helping my niece and her friends,

which is the grown up together with each other on the Planet for almost nine years;

to helping the children to stopping their children hold their parents as a hostage,when the children listen to some rumor like, their parents is going to the prostitute;

The reason they will try to revenge to their parents to b...Read more

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Anniversary saliva party

or vain party

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Good morning

There has to be an Amendments correction

The law that put up to people as a Supreme court,if there is a lower level what court they can be go, a food court? damn ,there is no care for what our planet going to be ended!!

How come the dapartment of have a chance will getting power trip and/can deprive one life or else the dog is barking and ask for help?!!




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Thank You

I can't believed it,that I just wake-up with a beautiful moment but I don't really feel like to brush my teeth because the tooth paste smell sting me for that.

End up I still brush my teeth and wash my face ,not beautiful any more??!! Remind me of that I lost in the freeway and went to the town at a Grocery store,the shop keeper and the old man in the store is pretty awesome,I just can't believe it, that how I can describe that how can we being such amazing.....

Thank you for let me use the bathroom and let me without da...Read more

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My Friends Birthday

I am so happy that i drove to Boston Quincy to met my friend and met his families.I am too tired to being stupid ...coz' since I lost in the freeway than I find my way out for driving 8 hrs but the route time fram is like 4 and a half hoursgee!!

I decide two week later will plan the same trip again but this time I will getting smarter I will spend my time wisely so that I keep riding 60 mph with in 5 hours I must be at my destination!



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what the fuck u care about

It is boring whem people hate u you feel the same with other people,

and that is mean what the fuck u care about,it means what the fuck that you care about!!

david letterman absolute is my favorite

the kick slug bitch that could be walk around  and there is no translator in the transit!!


My beef is being over cook, and this is not cool to me when i am really in the mood to do it,

I like it but thanks for support me!!



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The Green Peace and the Betrayal


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blog of the month

Mikiko is a Japanese friend,


about something the beanspourt

I am very sbstractabout my life the bleeder of something is not enough

Cause my

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your blog

Oh Beyond plastic man,never want to shopping anymore my credit card is total driving me I mean my arm hurts!!



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