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the number of 641 and 6411

Can you tell me what do u think of this?


if i am going to save up $1 dollar a day 800 days i will be saving up my airplan ticket ,one day that my teen idol favourite band~Beyound having a concert ,so tha i can fly to H.K. to see there anniversay concert. I can't wait to see their live band since i were probaly when i was 19 years old back on 1992 .

Also on 1995 when i am 22years old that i see there last concert ,since then how much i am wanting to see their live band performance again when they are having an Annivesary Concert and they won't let me

Holy cow what 's that mean won't let you?!!


my relative that's work for an advertising office is so busy about the decorating originally from

they are from H.K.

I am so worries about their family especially at the holiday seasons,I know they will be busy for the traffic.too!







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Save money all the time to reach your goal of seeing the concert in HK. That's good that you know so far in advance of their next concert date and location so you can prepare.
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if you planned ahead far enough in advance they should be able to do without you for a short period (either get your work done ahead of time or find a temporary replacement).
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