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How many languages does the Filipino speak

The UKAY-UKAY / UK / RILIP phenomenon

June 19th, 2007 iloilo lover Posted in General, Ilonggo pop culture 6 Comments »

latest-pixes-to-file-079.jpg Ukay-ukay or

UK or RILIP …that’s what we Ilonggos call the second-hand imported clothes, bags, shoes, bed sheets, and curtains that are sold at Iloilo’s public markets and plazas and street corners. Ukay literally means to make a mess and that’s what Ilonggos do as they dig into towering mounds of clothing for their best find. The term Ukay-ukay can also be shortened to UK thereby lending it a sosi or sosyal (classy) image. The term RILIP is derived from relief (relief goods) . It is said that the first ukay-ukays some years back were originally meant as aid sent from America for calamity victims in the Philippines. Read the rest of this entry »

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we have many shops like that here.. sometimes you find some really good things.. especially in trendy areas like paddington. market in sydney . we call it "going tatting".. but I dont look for clothes. sometimes find great antiques.
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