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lets play|一起玩吧|一起玩吧

OH YEAH the band just behind me when dining in indian restaurant with my friends!

OOOooo.... gals, party time!! for such kinda party, i think it was my first time. went to support my friends and enjoyed the music. what a night!


和朋友們去了食印度菜! 哇...樂隊就剛好在我的後面, heeee...!

我想我應該是第一次和朋友去這種dj型式的派對, 去替朋友們打氣打氣... 不管了, 就放輕鬆吧, 享受音樂吧!
和朋友们去了食印度菜! 哇...乐队就刚好在我的后面, heeee...! 我想我应该是第一次和朋友去这种dj型式的派对, 去替朋友们打气打气... 不管了, 就放轻鬆吧, 享受音乐吧!

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over 11 years ago
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looks like you had fun at pimpin aint easy!!
over 11 years ago
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an indian restaurant at hk? wonder where? maybe come over to visit thr restaurant next trip. is it nice? food good? Good tat u like the party.
over 11 years ago
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interesting indian restaurant~~
over 11 years ago
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pity that we couldn't wait till he sing mandarin song..wondering what song will he sing?!
over 11 years ago
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嗯,享受生活过程! 支持一下~
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
oh wow, you went to pimpin aint easy? nice!!
over 11 years ago


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