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ladies day|女人節|女人节

yesterday went to eat with my friendssss, then shopped around and karaoke..... hahahaaa what a 'typical' saturday huh.....[if gte mso 9]> Normal/w:View 0/w:Zoom 7.8 磅/w:DrawingGridVerticalSpacing 0/w:DisplayHorizontalDrawingGridEvery 2/w:DisplayVerticalDrawingGridEvery false/w:SaveIfXMLInvalid false/w:IgnoreMixedContent false/w:AlwaysShowPlaceholderText /w:Compatibility MicrosoftInternetExplorer4/w:BrowserLevel /w:WordDocument <![endif][if gte mso 9]> /w:LatentStyles <![endif][if gte mso 10]> <![endif]|昨天跟朋友們一起吃飯,然後逛街、唱K……哈哈,“典型”的周六,哈…….|昨天跟朋友们一起吃饭,然后逛街、唱K……哈哈,“典型”的周六,哈…….

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Photo 1831
that is still a fun day~
over 11 years ago
Photo 190473
this is quality of life,enjoy~~
over 11 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
ha ha, i misunderstood your blog title! ;-)
over 11 years ago
Photo 16693
- -
wow really a wonderful day. we always enjoy the time with friends. wish u happyyy 4ever~!~
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
sounds like a fun day!! =D
over 11 years ago
Photo 37479
the karaoke was fun! let's do more sometimes..haha...
over 11 years ago
Palwong 45 palwong
wow happy fri.nite fever
over 11 years ago
Photo 5614
that sounds like a nice ladies day... =)
over 11 years ago
Photo 262178
over 11 years ago
哈哈,我做了同样的事,不过顺序不太一样,我是逛街,吃饭,唱K 。我喜欢周六。。。
over 11 years ago
Photo 128929
SEX AND CITY里面说到 女人可以没有男人 但却不能没有女人 看来这句话真的是最正确的 我也喜欢女人们的狂欢节 一个男人都不带!
over 11 years ago


**to love but not to hate*shanti shanti**

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