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Blog: Thursday, Sep 27


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hehe,another new blog ~

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMK8SuR8Bu8 hehe,today went to sunway pyramid to watch movie..bt b4 we go n watch movie.. we saw smthing funny. im wondering y he can so concentrate on his game till other people who r surrounding kp laughing at him.. i wonder whether he is reli crazy or wat.. haa.. playin with fake gun no need to reload bullet 1 please !! haha..

and so we took it with hp using video camera..n here it is....whn u guys saw it.. u guys...Read more

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yea! my 2nd blog..

hehe.. 2nd blog here... hmm,start to study edi.. evrything stil da same.. nth changes too.. i think i haven saw any handsome dude appear in my college.. wahaha~~   so boring~ haha..

hhm,got a new part time job..haha,can earn extra money to shoppin !!  ops! im working together with HIM.. bt nw i edi treat him as usual fren edi.. my other frens wont think im asking him to work to...Read more

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angry !!!!!!

shit !! y r u so shit huh?? who da hell r u ?! u r just a stupid 'internet service provider'( can known as Rubbish Worker Provider also).. u bother so much abt wat programme im using now huh?? i paid money to u monthly tats mean i got my freedom to use it!!!! the most angry 1 is... u dare to open up my pc folder without my permission huh?? F*ck !! i hate ppl browsing my pc folders without askin me!! dun say im petty.. ! this is called 'privacy&#...Read more

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my 1st blog!

wow.. kinda interesting website..i knw tiz website by watchin daniel wu's movie.. 四大天王.. its kinda cool too!! hmm..anyway,nice place for me to share my blog to u guys.. n anyway,i luv daniel wu!!!

haha.. today i just bought a spongebob !! any1 like spongebob as well ?? i bought it frm McD today.. aiikz.. maybe its kinda childish.. bt i like to hug a soft toy whn im abt to sleep as when i sleep.. thr is nobody beside me to hug me .. Read more

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