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It'a been a while for me to update blog here.

I am not sure if any one still follow up with my blog but it's ok since this is always not the first reason for me to post. ( but I know there are people who cares about me are here , sorry and thank in advance.) 

I just want to record something I am thinking now. Let's all.

First, I have my first boy friend, there are so many things for me to learn. First relationship. Learn how to deal with relationship. Learn how to accept the other good and bad. Learn that you real...Read more

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What should I do?

so far I got accepted by two school  and still waiting the last one University of Texas at Austin.

okay~ don't talk about UT Austin yet since I don't know if i can get in.

the first school will be the University of Texas at Dallas is not the Top school but it's not that bad for a State University and is close to where I live now . and it will be all my relatives think i should go. basicilly to make it short, and i apply the business in generanl. 

 one of the problem is that i don't really know what i ...Read more

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car accident

today when my freind trying to getting me back to my house 

we had a car accident.... i guess i am ok....so far...

he will need to court before Dec 1st. i think i will need to go to....

sigh.... don't like that....











開車的朋友跟我說 要上法庭

我也要去嗎? 好像是要

應該不會要留底之類的吧= =




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No need to Suicide.....



I don't know how many people here follow Taiwan's sining show 超級星光大道

One Million Star

it's now their fourth season already... It's is one of the most popular shows in Taiwan.

but yesterday the girl who won the third place in the third season commit suicide and pass away.....

she is just starting her carrer.... so sad...

here's some video of her

http://...Read more

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Accepted by UTD

as the topic~^^

it's not surprise that i can get in since everyone know it's not hard to get in.

eventhough i am 99.9999% sure there's no problem

still it's good to know that i am actually get accepted.

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國片 Taiwan's Movies

Recently Taiwan's movie industry are coming up~

here's some information i foud it on line~

i am not sure is all of them or not if anyone can add up or knows a perticular wensite for it please tell me~

hope we can support our Movies Industry~

這幾年 台灣電影產業蓬勃發展 尤其是最近的幾部 電影 所以我就想上網找一下 多了解到底有過哪些片 有些或許真的也還好 可是其中真的不少好片 希望大家多多支持!!



中文片名:天邊一朵雲(The Wayward Cloud)


類  型:劇情

導  演:蔡明亮

演  員:陳湘琪、李康生、陸弈靜、楊貴媚、夜櫻李子

中文片名:翻滾吧!男孩(Jump! ...Read more

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i don't know how truth can a gossip be after hear from a thrid or fourth or more people.

but it still makes me uncomfortable.



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Hey Guys~

    I am back from my two weeks vacations. Yes, i have some pictures and i will try to upload as soon as i can.

  and i have to say sorry  for those who knew about i bought the bikini for this vacation. I didn't get any chance to wear them, so...


ok~ time to work on my picutres now.

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