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Alive not Dead at the AniCom -Part 1-

 It was Friday, I arrived there late, around 8pm, Finally met up with everyone there, lots of faces and names seen in this website many times before. Some I remember, some..I can't remember, I am so bad with names.

 But everyone was very nice, we split up to give away fliers. Tiring, but funny...some people asking me what was that about...in cantonese, some others just stepping away, but finny anyways.

 The concert was amazing, I put up some pics now while I work on the videos and upload them on youtu...Read more

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AnD at the Ani-Com

 Check out Stephen's blog for details

And u can take a look at the forum HERE to add ur name to the list if u wanna go =)

 Thanks to rottendoubtfor telling me about this =)

 Will see u guys there!!

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Raul in the newspapers

 Well...yesterday I went to see 2R's Race in the bookfair and buy her book. I have been writing in her blog's comments for a while and she knows abt me...well, when I get there, she said "oh, u finally made it" and the press went crazy..this morning I was all over the newspapers. I dont see what's the big deal...but well, here u have a pair of samples.

Read more

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Hong Kong..and a friend

No news in Hk so far, friends are usually busy, so not much outting going on.

 Anyways, this post is mainly to ask you all to go and welcome my very good friend Sara, yeah, the one from the pic in the beach, that one u all say is so beauiful (but no one said anything abt me...ahem ahem...¬¬) lol

 Anyways, she started blogging and uploading some pics...so go all say hi to her, she's great and super funny :p

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yeah, I am strange


 An english friend called me and said she was in lan kwai fong with another friend, that I should go down to say Hi...

 So, I did..just to say, this was my first time in the lan kwai fong night scene and I have to say...I hate it even more than I thought!! =D

 I mean, I never liked discos, or some kind of clubs..and LKF is like one big of those clubs, just full to the top..and it was only 10pm. I was only there for 10 mins b4 they had to go (I am used that people usually arrive after 11pm...)

 Isn't th...Read more

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 I finally found a place in Hk!!! It's hella expensive, but it's home.

 I still need to get used to it, but I share it with a girl who seems very nice. It's in LKF (where any other foreigner would love to live...but a part of the city I dont actually like at all) but the apartment is nice.

 I still need to get used to the rules here, like taking off shoes when getting home, or some other things like me only have 1 small part of the fridge...

 well, we'll see how it goes, I didnt even sit in the living...Read more

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Share appartments in Hk?

I posted this in the forums as well...

Hi Hi

I am finally in Hk, and things are not going well...I cant seem to find shared apartments, or anyone renting for 2 months.

Does anyone know someone who is looking for a roomate? Or any places I can rent an appartment or a nice studio for maximum 5k$Hk? Not in the Nt please...

Thanks a lot, quite desperate here...spending a lot of money in this crappy hostel


 Btw, my budget is up to 6000$hk


 PS. I just saw Terence in a rest...Read more

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Beach Day..finally!!

I spent an amazing day of relaxing, swimming, sunbathing, eating, and swimming and sunbathing again with Sara

 We had lots of fun, and now both of us look all red LOL

 You cant appreciate it in the pic..but when we got home 3 hours later...it was surprising XD

 I am a crab-man for the time being =D

 3 days left to leave Spain.

 I...Read more

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Hong Kong in summer... can anyone help me?

Hi Hi, this is me blogging again..twice in a week, it's hard to believe uh?

 Now that I am free of exams..I am not free of stress yet :p Yesterday I finally got my tickets for Hong Kong, I arrive there on June 28th (yup, that's next week) and I will leave on September 7th.

 I am having serious difficulties on one thing though...finding a shared appartment...I che...Read more

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And that is "Freeeeeeeeeee"

 Meaning, I am finally free of exams!!! Yoohooo!!! And what can describe it better than One Piece's pirate flag? =P

 Thank you all for ur wishes and comments =) I have been super busy these past weeks, so I didnt have time to reply to most of you...but I will.

 In 20 minutes I'm going to pick my ticket up, then another busy week will start, but this t...Read more

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