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Respect the Pokgai!!!!!!

 Well well, last night was a BLAST!!!!!!  24herbs music video recording was so much fun.

 Seein Alex work was great, and the whole process was lots of fun.

 I shud say more, but it's late and I have to go sleep. Tomorrow is my last day in Hk, and it will be a busy one.

 The bad thing is that finally I will leave Hong Kong without the 2 tshirts I wanted to buy, I went to 8Five2 shop, to get the black 24Herbs t.shirt and the tshirt saying "lei hou lun cho" but they were both sold out -__-

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  Yesterday night started early, D'in, Kiki, Sara and another friend of mine came home for a spanish dinner. We ate a LOT, drank Sangria and had fun. Show ya some pics...I didnt take any pics of the food, but I think D'in and Kiki did. I didnt cook much, just prepared some pasta salad a la spanish way, then we had some other stuff...Read more

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Quick update

 Okay everybody..the sad countdown begins. One week left in Hk. I will leave in september 7th early morning.

 These days I am busy showing my friend Sara around Hk, But I still wanna say goodbye to everybody I met in Hk, so if anyone wanna meet for dinner or for a drink, just drop me a message or call me ^^

 D'in, we have some things we should do b4 I leave, karaoke night, spanish dinner night, AND the website thingie...and maybe a night of drinking would be good too as goodbye XD

 Anyways, I dont wanna write a goodby...Read more

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Back in Hong Kong

 Well, I am back from Thailand. The trip was fun, some kind of sea urchin or something stung into my knee, that was painful and made me just lay in the sand for two days, unable to walk...but better now, I hope I dont have to see a doctor.

 For all of you who were worried abt thai ladies...that was not my trip's goal :p I was there with a Thai friend, so I was in no danger =p

 Now I am back home, back to the normal life, untill Sara arrives to Hk this saturday, then I'll quit my job and have some fun (but still will ...Read more

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Off to Thailand

 Okay everybody, I go to Thailand tonight, I'll come back on Monday. I always wanted to do this kind of crazy unplanned trip to anywhere...so there I go!!!! (not so crazy since I have a friend there who'll take care of me)

 So, I won't b around in some day, take care and dont miss me too much :p

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24Herbs Concert!!!! Respect the 仆街!!!

 Okay, yesterday was fun!!!! 24Herbs were awesome on stage!!!! Had so much fun!!!!

 Some pics:

 And some vid...Read more

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 My good friend Alex made a stop on his crazy trip around Asia to visit me in HK.

 It was lotsa fun, we did many crazy things I should not write down here, but one of the funniest nights we had it's when I convinced him to go karaoke with a pair of hong kong friends...My hong kong friends didnt see it coming,..

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MssYJtiCBog

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24Herbs concert!!


 Hey hey everybody!!!

 Long time no blog...a crazy friend from spain showed up in Hk last sunday, so I've been kinda busy. We got lost in a mountain somewhere in Lamma island on our first ōuting =D

   Andyways, just wanna give an update on Saturday's 24 herbs concert at CiXi club. Some users who met at the ani con will be going, who else wanna join??


Hope to ...Read more

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I wrote this blog many months ago, and decided to not publish it. But yesterday after finding a friend of mine having dinner with my ex-gf and "the 40 years old guy she used to f**** while she was with me" many things came back, and it spoiled what it could have been a very funny night with my friend Sara, so I finally publish it. Do not look at the video, just listen to the song, and read the lyrics...

 I have never hated anyone, I never considered myself someone who can actually hate another human being...

 But lately my drea...Read more

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Ani Con day 1 VIDEOS

 Sorry for taking so long on these...

Okay, i dont know this girl's name, but she was cool...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0NAB-Qx1Cg

why does this song sound so familiar to me? o.O

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kaP53ptNzc

Ryan Hui, that was great!!!!

Video: Read more

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