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Port Aventura

 I dont have much to say...job hunting is depressing...but in the meanwhile...pics from Port Aventura Halloween 07!!!!

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Dragon Ball movie, cast confirmed.

 The Dragon Ballmovie will start rolling at the end of the month. James Wong will direct (Final Destination 1 and 3) and Stephen Chow produces.

 Casting confirmed so far is: Justin Chatwin (war of the worlds) as Goku, and James Marsters (our favourite vampire... Spike!!!) as Piccolo (still unknown if father or son..I hope it's father...Spike's cheeks look alike XD)

 Anyways, some pics of the actors and info in spanish or google funny english here:

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The sound of silence...

 I am back. Port Aventura weekend was great, I had tons of fun, and took lots of pics I'll show u all soon.

 Too bad now real life is back and slapping me right in the face. One thing after another go wrong and then worst, so I am kind of in the middle of a big crossroad, and the earth around me is falling down into a sea of darkness, I have to think fast and jump into one of the roads...but none of them look promising at all. Most of this come from university professors who, instead of trying to help their students, they ...Read more

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Ani-Con in Barcelona

 Last week I was working at the Ani Con in Spain for 5 days..it was sooo exhausting, but fun at the same time, coz most of the workers in the publishing house stand were my friends...so we were joking all the time :p

 U can see some pics here~~

 See? I look so concentrated in my job...

 Here Superman is taking us for a flight...

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Halloween -AnD Cap stolen-

 That time of the year everybody loves is approaching...Halloween, Unfortunately for me...this time of the year is a very troublesome one...really weird things start happening around me...I still remember 4 years ago when I lived in Hk for a few months for the first time..in Halloween I started walking..and ended up lost in a cementery somewhere around wanchai...dun ask me how...and please dun ask me what happened with those zombies...

 Another year we all got trapped in out Halloween costumes...it was not the best year to ...Read more

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Mago de Oz

well...since I didnt have time for writing the blog abt my trip to my grandma's place..or abt the sithes festival...mainly coz I'm resting up from a VERY bad cold, I'll upload a video of one of my fave bands...Mago de Oz

 They do what they call "Folk metal" that is mixing european metal with the traditional music of the north of Spain..their music is interesting..I leave a funny video here and let u decide.

 D'in and Kiki, this is the band that was on the background music in my place, so u can recognize i...Read more

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Te Necesito

 I need you (Amaral)

 Oh, how do you want me to make up my mind

 If  I’m still too young

 To understand what I feel

 But not to swear to the dark angel himself

 that if he breaks the distance that seperates us now

 I’ll come back to adore him, I’ld even give him my soul

 If he brings ur presence to this night that doesn’t end

 I need you like sunlight

 in this cold winter

 to give me ur warmness

 how do u want me to forget u

 if ur name is in the air...Read more

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La Mercè, fiestaaaaaa

 This weekend has been "La Mercè", a special holiday in Barcelona. There's plenty of activities around the city, concerts and so on...

  But my friends and I decided to celebrate it in a different way. We went to see some fireworks in the beach, I was wearing only a tshirt...so I was freezing the whole time -.-U But it was cool.

 Afterwwards we went to check a street fair (dunno if that's the right word...it's just like an amusement park moving from city to city) then we went dinner to the harbour.....Read more

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Love story

This is not a poem, I didnt even think or edit, it's just pure feelings, no thoughts, no writing skills.

 Love story

I will only drink all the kissesI will never give you.Whenever I am cold,the arms that will never surround mewill soften my dreamsIn your eyes I will see stars long time forgotten,but I will never be able to get lost in them.The night will be darker,when I can only look at ...Read more

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Respect the pokgai..with pictures!!

 Okay, I am finally back in Barcelona...but before that I should talk a bit more abt the 24herbs MV shooting.

 The shooting was amazingly fun. I just came back from 2 days in Disneyland with Sara (we had so much fun, it was our first Disneyland ever, and everybody kept saying it sucks...but we loved it xD) Sara got Chip and Dale fighting for her...

 We went to the shooting without any idea of what were we going to do there... we couldn't i...Read more

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