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Pink elephants fly upside down

It seems no one liked the last stupid vid I posted...

 This time I'll post a Star Wars vid which I find funny...and since it's Star wars more people may like it...

 I sent it to a pair of friends..and they laughed too...I have to test videos b4 posting them here =P


  Now, for those of u who havent checked it yet, D'in has a new song I like a lot... so  go check it and tell...Read more

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 Well, I had a nice weekend. Yesterday met up with some friends to watch a pair of movies.

 We watched "Shroom", a stupid horror movie with a VERY predictible ending...

 Then we watched "Blades of Glory" and we laughed a lot XD

 Dinner and lots of stupid talking till 3am. I am so sleepy today...

 Anyways..here I leave one of the most stupid videos ever...but got us laughing for like 20 minutes. Okay, it seems no one likes it at all---but watching it at 2am with friends make it way funnier, trust me....Read more

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Cheer up

 I seem to have many friends here passing through a difficult moment, so here I leave a video for those of u feeling down, it won't help at all, but it will make u all smile and say "awwwwwwww"

 And you guys know who is this from...go and cheer up, will u???

 Btw, if u haven't yet, go check my last blog and take some time to read the best love story ever =)

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Orpheus, or the Most beautiful love story ever

 I just wrote something about one of my favourite stories, the story of Orhpeus. Those of u who are familiar with it will see I changed a pair of things, added details that were not in the original story. well, all that is because that's the first time we get to hear the story from Orpheus point of view.


 My english isn't perfect, and I am fully aware of it. You may find tons of mistakes along the way, because I haven't even read it after I wrote it to correct things. I never do, as...Read more

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Like a bat out of hell...

I can see myself

Tearing up the road

Faster than any other boy has ever gone

And my skin is rough but my soul is ripe

And no ones gonna stop me now

I gotta make my escape

But I cant stop thinking of you

And I never see the sudden curve until its way too late

Then Im dying on the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun

Torn and t...Read more

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Plans for weekend

 Well, well, weekend is approaching and that means I can stop job hunting for a while. This sunday we have some nice plans, some friends want me to take them to a 拉面 chinese restaurant. It's a weird place because it's chinese only and they barely speak any spanish at all (some Taiwanese friends took me there), so I'll see how do I order...

 Anyways, after it we decided to go bowling (first t...Read more

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REC and some other stuff

 Well, well, I finally got to watch REC. It was guys night out coz the gf os 2 of my friends went to London for the weekend, so we went to watch REC without the girls, coz they wouldnt have wanted to watch it. When I sat down I was like: Oh crap, 2 teenager girls sitting by my side in a scary movie...

 I will only say that those 2 girls left after 15 mins saying: I can't stand it anymore.

 The movie was really scary, which means it was fun. I really jumped more than once. The movie makes u kinda dizzy for the came...Read more

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[REC] scary scary...

 Well, tonight the plan is...go watch one of the most expected spanish movies (I must say that 99% of the spanish movies suck..but once in a while they do a good one...I can only remember Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage..and REc looks good.

 I'll post the eng subbed trailer here...Director is Jaume Balagueró a Master of Horror, and the story is simple: a la Blair witch project we are shown by the eye of a camer-man how he and the reporter follow the firemen for one night...untill they get into a building where neighbours h...Read more

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CJ7, new Chow Sing Chee movie, with trailer!!!

 Finally, after the long wai, the new Chow Sing Chee movie offers a small trailer-teaser, enough for me to know that, yeah, after the Kung Fu Hustle disappointment,.,..this one looks like fun!!!!



More info here: http://dimsumcinema.wordpress.com/2007/11/22/cj7-teaser-al-fin/

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