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Is it summer already?

 Well, as my life gets busier and busier I can only think of one thing... SUMMER.

 I am already planning for summer, but I find several stones on my way.

 July: I wanna go to Taipei to study chinese to prepare for my Asian studies chinese entrance exam in september (if everything goes smooth...that it never does) But I seem to be unable to find a university or school in Taipei that teaches only 1 month...

 August: when Alex visited me in Hk last summer, he loved it, but could only spend 5 days there, so we decid...Read more

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Someone said I am nasty...

 I am not nasty. I am all nice and flowers and hearts and f**king unicorns.

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 Well, well, last week my friends and I decided to go for a crazy wild night....

 There's a part of Barcelona called Marina, with tons of bars with drinking games goodies included =p, then heavy metal bars, and clubs.

 This is how the night started:

Then we left the first bar, heading to a second one:

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Blogging speed...

 I am amazed at hoe some people able to blog daily..or even more, 2 or 3 times a day!!!!

 Really, I barely have nothing to say to blog twice a week...lol

 How do u guys do it? =P Is my life too boring, or I am just too silent? =p

 bows to the Bloggers with capital B

 Now, for something completely different:

 Life is getting slowly depressing. I am in a new job that I hate. It's 6 hours of constant preassure, and sorry, that's not my cup of tea when working...at least not when I dont ...Read more

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 I just watched one of the movies I was expecting form 2008. Cloverfield. And gosh, I was disappointed.

 There will be SPOILERS, so, if u dun wanna know, stop reading now =D

 The idea of the movie is not bad, all the viral marketing was great-....but the fact that nothing of the multiple companies involved in mutations and sea-stuff related to the monster are even mentioned at all.

 Something ...Read more

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That was a birthday!!!

 Well well, we finally decided on the usual comfy restaurant with random food. It's comfy, and it's close to where we all live.

 Night was fun...we decided not to take a single normal picture. Here we just arrived at the restaurant, so I swear no one was drunk:

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Are u expecting Bday pics?

 Well, well, bday party yesterday was lotsa fun. Too bad all bars close at 3am here...but well, finally came back home at 5am. We laughed a lot and took many pics...

 But I am not gonna show them rite now =D

 Instead of that...something funny and VERY useful I found yesterday night...

 People thinks I have a twisted sense of humour...

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Pongza blog and some other completely different things

I promised pongza something a long time ago..she wanted to see pics of my swords...and well...here they are.

 They came to me in diff ways...either by gifts for when I was trainning kung fu 8there u got the 2 chinese ones), a gift when visiting Toledo, the big one. Or a gift from my uncle many years ago (the small one).

 Then I inherited a few old and weird knifes from my father. but I'd rather have him keep them for now, I dun want my room to look THAT way.

And yeah, I disto...Read more

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Birthday doubt

 So, as some of you know, tomorrow is my birthday...and I have an existencial doubt...

 But well, celebration won't be till Saturday

 Should I celebrate it in the same restaurant we always celebrate bdays in where food is not so good, but tables are round (so you can actually interact with everybody) and the owners are really nice to us? Or should I choose a nice restaurant in the centre where food is better, but tables are long so u can only interact with a few people? First restaurant is real close, the other needs transp...Read more

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Vampire saturday

 So, so, so...


Last saturday some friends decided to do something different. Each of us were asked to choose 3 favourite episodes from Buffy the vampire slayed and meet up.

 Then we decided 1 ep from each list, we had a total of 6. Then we gave roles, someone was Buffy, or Xander, or Spike, etc...

 Also papers saying if u were a Good one or a Bad one were taken.

 Then a ...Read more

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